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    I always heard about how drake was on this show, but I never saw it. I kept seeing it show up on tv when I was flipping through the channels so I decided to check it out.

    The plots aren't bad, but does anyone actually find this believable? I understand that it is a show and all, but there are some things in there that leave me scratching my head.

    First of all..the school. It is a public school. But for some reason it looks incredibly well funded and has a lot of programs and activities that I would have never imagined to be in a public school. I dont know anyone in my school who would actually take the time to direct a musical without a teacher's help. The teachers seem to give the students complete independent freedom with anything as if they are all super mature and everyone behaves perfectly. I cant remember where this school is supposed to be located (california maybe?) but my public school was wayy different from that. All the students act like it's so fun to do this stuff, but besides sports I never really cared very much about any of that. My idea of a good time was skipping class to get high or throw a party at someone's house. Not to mention it is weird that everybody seems to know everybody and they are all friends. Everyone just sits around playing guitars in the hallways and stuff...and I never saw that in any public school before.

    secondly...why does it seem like a good percentage of the characters either get raped, molested, or pregnant? I can understand wanting a good story, but there always seems to be sexual assault of some sort all the time. And the fact that almost none of the girls are up to the horrible backstabbing standards of girls ive seen in school is astonishing. Most girls would never be straight up with each other like that. I saw an episode where this girl kissed another girls boyfriend and the other girl was like "ok well ill give you a pass this time but do it again and you will be sorry!" in a joking manner and they were still friends. the average teenage girl would have spread so many rumors about her that her life would be ruined.

    And not to mention all of their athletes look like they shouldnt be playing. The basketball team went to a state championship? really? all those kids looked like 6 feet at most. And the coach was talking to one of the players about going to the nba...really? what kind of fantasy world is this? They let a girl on the football team? I knew a girl who wanted to play football, but the school would not let her because the guys would kill her. Not trying to be sexist, but she would have died out there if that was real life.

    Also where are all the gangs? The kids who dont give a shit about school and just cause trouble? my school was full of those kids. You cannot tell me that every single student in degrassi is some well brought up kid who knows that education is the key and college is the way to go!

    Again maybe I just havent watched it enough. But if a school like that existed around where I live, it would be a small private school. My public school was a lot more rough than that.
  2. The show Is in Canada and Drake played the character Jimmy . I used to watch that show like five years ago, I think it's a different cast now. You'd only see drake it if was a rerun

  3. Oh that makes sense. Canadian public school must be some crazy utopia.
  4. Secret life of the american teenager = america degrassi, i dont like either and im not really sure what their purpose in existing is other than to try and point out, if you make mistakes, you make mistakes, but in these shows its kinda like, if you make mistakes, all your friends will too, so you all fit in together somehow....

    fucking mindless TV now-a-days lol
  5. Only thing I liked about it was this one actress on there who I thought was incredibly fine. I can't remember her name for the life of me.
  6. Wonderful thread you have shared here. I like this show. My friends also love to watch this show online. This is a fantastic show.
  7. i'll admit...2 years ago, i would get stoned and watch degrassi. cool stories and it mad me laugh. im afraid to watch any episodes now because i might find myself hooked again.

    Its like, although it tries to be serious, I find everything amusing. Like when Jimmy(Drake) got shot. supposed to be serious but i had a smile on my face through the whole episode.
  8. I legitimately couldn't take Drake seriously at first knowing he was the wheelchair kid from Degrassi.

    I've come around though.

    And about the basketball team, keep in mind, it's Canada. Having a black guy is probably good enough to get to state, or whatever the hell Canada's equivalent is.

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