Defining Seedling and Veggetativeness

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  1. Okay I've been think about this for awhile now.

    I took my first batch of seeds and germinated them in soil.

    From the day they sprouted, and stuck out their 4 pointed head towards the light I considered that the start of veggetation.

    I was wondering when do you actually start to recording veg?

    I guess it doesn't matter really as long as you give it proper time to expand, and then flower for proper amount of time.

    Anywho, just thought I'd ask a general question and see what your guys response would be!!!

  2. High there, I have learned off here that even a seedling is a veggy. However I consider my plants veggys when they get treated as veggies, such as giving them food and training them.
  3. Correct, once a sprout pops the soil technically it is in vegetative state.
  4. Absolutely, and indoor growers give it a 18/6 regime, which encourages vegetative growth.

  5. any benefit to this over 24/0 for indoors?
  6. The 24/0 vs. 18/6 question is asked daily. Search around to find the pluses and minuses. Bottom line is that there is no consensus, plenty who do each way, it's up to you really to decide which makes more sense for you.
  7. S.F. Sage found this that was posted by Rumpleforeskin. It is an interesting read on the veg photoperiod debate.

    Light Scheduel info from rumpleforeskin

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