Deficiency or toxicity?

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  1. Hey guys:(

    This is only my 4th grow so I have a basic understanding.

    These plants wilt everytime I water them and I really don't think it's an overwatering issue as the soil is bone dry before watering and I usually wait at least 3 days. Straight after watering even very lightly they wilt like this....

    Also notice yellowing leaves and red stems

    its 17 days old and been fed only twice with very weak super thrive and very weak seasol.

    Under a 400 watt hps.

    In completely organic soil and with no slow release ferts. Has perlite and Riverstone at the bottom with excellent drainage. The run off seems very dark as the soil is organic.

    Help appreciated.

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  2. Your soil pH is most likely in the 7.3+ range. The yellow is Iron lockout and the red is most likelyPhos lockout. Both occur around 7.3-7.6. I would use peat moss to drop it below 7. Most peat is in the 5-5.5 range so a few handfuls should do it.

    Your water could be causing it if your soil checks out. High pH though.
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  3. Legend mate. Thank you

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