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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post, so please excuse me if I'm not posting in the correct category.
    Can you please help me out? My plants are about 3 weeks from harvest.
    One of them has most of the top leaves yellow (1). The other plant has a few leaves like this one (2).
    What kind of deficiencies are these? N and Ca?
    Also, what can I do to fix them? My soil has very poor drainage.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Your picture is not working, please fix so we can help
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  3. The photo was updated - thanks!
  4. If I had a guess looks like Mag deficiency to me
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  5. 1) seems like it's short on p-k
    2) seems like cal/mag with possible heavy N

    Just a guess
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  6. 3 weeks that's a rough spot, did it happen only on top? It didn't start bottom up? P and k are mobile so it would have happened bottom up I believe. Cal/mag are in mobile and could definitely be just the top. What kinda nutes you giving? Nitrogn like p and k is mobile so unless the whole Bush is yellowing that's out. 3weeks away is a hard call to add n to correct... so I would guess cal mag as others. What kind of soil are you using? I know you said poor drainage but that would cause wilt, salt build up. Salt build up would cause either burned looking tips or again wilt from plant not being able to uptaker water/ correct nutes. There are threads on here you can post to for help. Also look up the mj deficiency chart. Pick up a grow bible as well ed or jorge are both great.
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    Thank you all for your answers.
    My soil is BioCANNA Bio Terra Plus and I use AirPots.
    I left the plants alone for almost two weeks, so I made the soil mix more dense, without adding any any vermiculite or perlite to the mix. The drainage is not as good as I would like it.
    I'm using the Micro-Grow-Bloom trio from Advanced Nutrients.
    My watering schedule: I water once with clean water, then with nutrients and then with molasses (for carbs). Then I repeat the cycle.
    When I use nutes, I add to the water less than specified (around 2.5ml per liter of each type). So I would exclude the nutrient burn or even its buildup into the soil. I'm thinking now that I'm feeding them way too little nutes and that's why the deficiencies occurred.
    These two leaf cuttings were taken from the top of each plant. The bottoms look pretty nice.

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