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  1. This is my Jock Horror Autoflower. She's at about 26 days. Started showing rust red spots on top side of branches near the start of the leaves. CFL grow @ about 10,000 lumens total. All bulbs are inches away. Just started nutes 4 days ago on 1/4 dose and just did 1/2 dose 2 days ago. The red comes and goes as it please and isn't isolated to a single plant. Had all plants green yesterday then this morning red spots, vice versa. Pic is best we could do with camera.

    Any help greatly appreciated

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  2. Rust spots is a sign of necrosis. Are you giving a calcium/magnesium nute as well? If not might be your problem because rust spots are indicative of mag deficiency. I use General Hydroponics CALiMAGic, it contains iron as well and helps prevent your plants from disease such as necrosis which cause rust spots
  3. No I am not. Currently just using a miracle grow granular that was as close to 20-20-20 as they made. (maybe like 21-18-20 etc...) Tomorrow I'll go grab some Cal/mag to test. I'm also going to get a soil tester for Ph because I know that the water that they get from time to time is city water and probably has more than what these girls need. (generally when I fill up my Watering can I let it sit overnight then add nutes)

    I'll Keep this updated for sure. Thank you very much
  4. No problem. I suggest not to use miracle grow or general Nutes and soils similar. Most are time released ferts and will burn your plants. If you can, used distiller water. Neutral pH and free of impurities.
  5. Ya for sure not using it again. I've already learned just from how fragile these have been recently. Going to go organic from now on. What would you recommend as far as nutes? None at all?
  6. I my self have never grown an auto flower strain, considered it tho. Fox Farm Trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom) is good however you need a cal/mag solution with it since Fox Farm doesn't have one. General Hydroponics has a great lineup too! Look into those, I use FF. They also have an organic soil called Ocean Forest
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    General organics has a full set of organic nutes in the go box. It runs about $40. I am using that and fox farms happy frog soil and have been extremely happy.

    I am betting it is a Cal-mag problem as well.
  8. I'm glad to have 2 of the same answer. But I also just found a black and white ladybug looking beetle on the plant. Kinda scared me so I immediately removed it. Wish I would've taken a pic.
  9. Went ahead and decided to pick up some better cfl's since they are so cheap and I had the fixtures. Sitting at about 16-18k lumens. The bar light is a full spectrum and the rest are all 2700k cfl's. and found out the bug was just a black and white ladybug. Freaking out for nothing. :) and my girl that is furthest along with pistils showing very well just lost all the red streaks on the branches. Picked up cal/mag anyways.
    Here's how it's sitting now.

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  10. Good to hear! Oh and lady bugs are good for your plants! They help eliminate pests!

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