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  1. I went to my secret hollow a few days ago to check on the crop, half of my babies are gone, all of them over 3ft. As far as the eye can see, i saw deer tracks...and where all there mommies an babies laid...i also saw where they dug up my plants..its official iM a redNeck hunting these fuckers for life damnit...i still got two plants left (in a different location) but i doubt they will make it long...
  2. Well u should get some chiken wire or some sort of fence to keep pesky deer and shit out of your crop. Oh and glad to c a mushroomhead fan here on the boards good luck withur grow.
  3. Get them deer. If you need help becoming a red-neck,well I've lived in the deer woods on the north coast most of my life and they are a bigger pest than slugs.p.s.blood meal and bone meal will draw bear like bait.
  4. Venison is finger lickin´ good too!!!!
  5. Hell yea @ bring bear around...ill have to kill one of those fuckers an chop em up for the bears...theres alot of bears in the woods here just have to find them first...or i might try an draw a panther over my way...just dont want to meet him in the sticks. LOL
  6. make sure u got a hunting license and im pretty sure there out of season..dont kill them lol.. just piss around the vicinity of your plants it'll scare them
  7. Chef on TV cooked Venison Wellington last week. Looked real good.
  8. i know this is an old thread, but if you piss around the perimiter of where your plants are (i'd whiz prolly 10 feet away from them, running a circle around them) the bastards will smell it and go elsewhere.
  9. u don't need to piss round ur plants - just stand around with ur dick out. :D
    Guarantee u they won't come near u.
    It works with sheep ................
  10. Musta been after u had it in their ass... wouldn't doubt theyd be runnin away after.. :p

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