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Deer Piss

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krazy92, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Well everyone knows you can go to gander mountain/cabellas/w/e u have, and buy doe pee for hunting. Could you use this for a drug test for home and lab?
  2. home tests, for sure.

    lab tests, definitely not. they check certain concentrations of metabolites and chemicals in your urine, and doe piss is sure to have different concentrations than in human piss.
  3. And the deer piss will smell nothing like human piss, trust me im a hunter i put that shit on me.
  4. Even if it did work, most deers are notorious for eating pot plants and even there piss might not be clean.

    :smoking:Those damn bud eating deer
  5. hahahah truee
  6. Oh god, can you imagine walking into your backyard only to see your wonderful plants being eating by deer. It's one of those "Honey, get the shotgun" moments.
  7. can you imagine the lab technicians..."holy fuck, that guy that just came in was actually an ovulating female deer!!!" :p
  8. Yeah it would probably work for home tests, but definitely not for lab tests. But one thing you can actually do with deer piss, is if you are carrying a ton of weed in the car, or any in general, if you pour some of that on your tires, or on the hubcaps, if you get pulled over and the police call out a K-9 unit, the dog's sense of smell will be overwhelmed by the piss, and they wont pick up any traces of weed. They will just be confused, excited, and not behaving like a normal search dog would. Same concept works for if you take your cat along for the ride in your car hahaha

  9. Ha you do have to take into consideration companys who "collect" deer piss are deer they raise themselves. Doubt they are feeding them pot plants.

    Plus eating weed won't release any thc from what im told.

    But that leads me to synthetic urine, people say you can buy it?
  11. I had a friend that had like 6 plants eaten by a deer, and when he and his brother were driving around a few miles from his house, they saw a deer that was wobbling around and shit, so they got out of the car and started beating on it. It puked, and there was some undigested bud in there from off of their plants.
  12. Dude..thats just fucked up you dont go beat on a deer if they were so concered with there plants they shouldve put hair around it or something and if anyone saw your friends like the epo or police they would be fucked
  13. It was in his garage, but he left the door open on accident.
  14. Roflmfao... THEY BEAT THE FUCKING DEER? Hahahaha, how the fuck can you walk up to a deer and just fuck it up?? I'd be laughing to hard abotu the fact where about to throw down with a FUCKING DEER... LMAO
  15. why the fuck would anyone wanna put deer piss on themselves....
  16. roflmao
  17. no it wont work, the most of the deer piss they sell in stores is purified deer pheromone in a weak alcohol solution. so in no way would it possibly pass for urine.
  18. lol @ ur name/

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