Deer Off Spray?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by chi3fer, May 14, 2006.

  1. Has anyone heard of Deer Off and can it be used on weed plants?
  2. I have seen it on the internet, but im not sure if it works. I would think that u might be able to spray it on the buckets maybe, but i wouldnt think directly on the plants. Where did u see it on the internet? Give me the sight, i would like to see....
  3. i just happend to have it for other plants and bushes around the house becuz the deer always come and eat ,y plants i think you can get it at any nursery im sure it says its safe to put on edable food
  4. Just piss on a tree everytime your there.
  5. Isn't it mostly egg solids and cayenne or something? I'm sure it's safe to spray on the plants, but your pot might taste like rotten eggs and hot sauce when you smoke
  6. I try to help, but have never actually used that. Don´t need to, haven´t found a deer on my roof yet. Not even Santa.
  7. # one repellant in the world ....hands down....moth balls....try wallmart.....nothen fucks with moth balls (the smell is very strong....i mean very very)
  8. Mothballs sound good. And dead cheap too.
  9. Ya piss on a tree or put some dog or human hair near the plants. I had one or my babies get eaten and i put some hair near the rest and i havent seen any tracks since.

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