deer got my plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kcsmoke, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Recently, a deer ate all the leaves and (growing) buds my one plant. It wasn't big, about 2.5 ft at the time with little leaf growth (about 4 sections where leaves grew because I picked a bad spot with a lot of shade and only 3-4hrs sun).

    It is Durban Poison seed germinated under metal halide, then moved outdoors. When I checked back on the plant, it was just a stick in the dirt. I gave it a week and new leaf shoots were starting. I replanted and brought it back indoors. New leaves are growing well over the past week, but just in a two nodes at the top of the plant.

    I've been thinking about cloning just under the new growth so the clone would be more compact (not moving outdoors again). It is a guaranteed female, but it would only leave a stick (again) for the mother with 2 undeveloped nodes.

    Is this a good idea or would the cut kill the mother? I'd post a pic, but the wife has the camera.
  2. Man thats bad shit,i'm sorry to hear that bro.I would let it grow and see what u can get off it,plus i would take a cutting and clone it,so if it grows again u havent lost everything :smoke:
  3. do deer get high when they eat bud lol? did you see any evidence of a deer that had passedout next toyour plants?
  4. revenge is in order. shoot the deer and eat him.:D
  5. Deer love weed. So do Rabbits. So do humans, unfortunantly bugs do also.,...

    Deer Off.. is a product which is most likely some kind of predator urine, like wolf or something.. you can spray on your plants. Should help keep animals away.. maybe humans too if it smells like piss.

    Just a thought man.. it's worth a shot.

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