deepwater Culture (bubbles) water temp?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by MrDeepwater, May 23, 2006.

  1. I run a deepwater culture setup. I use a 75watt small air pump to run air to 3 different
    rubbermaid 18gallon tubs. I keep them about 2/3 or 12 gallons full. My temps are great during light. But during night time my room gets around 60 degrees, but the water temp drops to 55 or so. I know this is way too cold. Soon as the weather breaks i won't have to worry, but there is atleast another week or 3 with possible low night temps.

    What are my ways to keep the water warm. I flush my water every 7-10 days. I would like to keep my temps around 68-70 degrees.

    When i ran my lights 20/4 the temps stayed fine. i tried a small heater but it didn't do much.

    I keep very good tabs on my ph 5.8-6.2 and my TDS either 450 or 750. I've only started to have issues since the drop in temps.

    WOULD LOW TEMPS CUZ NUT LOCK OUT? the top leaves on my plants have a glossy look to them with brown in the middle.
  2. I havent tried to keep my temps warm, but you could try and go to a beer brewing supplyer and getting a thing known as a "heat belt". This is like a heat element which you put around a brewing kit to keep your brew warm to aid fermentation. You just plug it into a power socket and it heats up the outside of the brew kit. This heat is transvered into the kit. You could use it in a grow for sure.
  3. submerseable water heater for fishtanks ...... $8-15 at sprawl-mart...
  4. an electric blanket taped to the outside of your buckets or w/e might work if you dont have a specialty aquarium store near you, although idk if they sell those anymore.
  5. Hi MrDeepwater.

    sounds like youve got everything else under control temp wise, just gong back to when you said you ran a small heater? maybe try a bigger one on a thermostat, depening on your room size, a medium 2400w heater bought from any store should do the trick, alot of watts though if your rooms pretty light/air tight should hold the temps ok and run the heater at a minium.

    aquarium heaters should work ok aswell (just means you will have to buy 3) but id put them on a timer for lights off, only disadvantage i see is having warm water and cold atmosphere, can affect plants if theres more then 50degrees difference. bewteen these factors(water temp and ambient temps). like shocks them and id say it could have a nute lockout effect.

    well hope that helps you decide, i would try and heat the whole room personally, mine sits on a stable 68 at lights off thanks to my heater/thermostat.

    good luck and stay safe

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