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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by SmOkEy_McPoT_85, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Does anyone else like to do deeper shit while ripped?

    Example: Cruise the statosphere
    Do a little soul searching
    Contemplate where life leads to from here

    And i don't mean just everynow and then. I mean pretty much everytime you are under the influence.
    Please tell me i'm not the only one.

  2. You are not alone my friend.....

    My hubby, President LaLa gets frustrated with me at times, because that is all I really like to do when high. I love getting ripped, and then just laying back and meditating, or if there is someone else with me, I love talking about anything and everything. I am on a constant quest to learn more, about everything.

    So, what is your favorite thing to talk about when high?
  3. uummm, i guess most of all it would have to be spirituality, i guess?

    Not many people i get high wif are into that so i end up talking to myself! lol

  4. And I thought I was alone... for me, to really enhance these thoughts I enjoy taking a walk in the arboreteum we have here at my college at night and watch the stars. It makes you think real deep about life in general and the meaning.

    Peace and happy tokes, cya on the forum!
  5. I think a a lot in the meanings of things, why are there and how do they work.

    jeje, when I started smoking, i thought a lot in how things works, the life, etc, but the funny thing is that polo polo, (a comedian) was explaining to me in my mind.

    imagine that chris rock or jerry seinfeild is telling you something while you´re stoned. jajaja.
  6. Of course I like to contemplate things while high. I truly believe that marijuana allows your brain to function in ways that in does not normally, and that this can lead to quite interesting and meaningful insights. When I first started smoking I'd get so out of it that all I wanted to do was eat and veg out. Now, though I still get just as high, I love to read, especially philosophy, or just have conversations.I feel like you can learn to "handle" your high and be pretty productive at times. I'm really lucky in that I go to school with some fairly serious intellectuals (bonus points to someone who can guess my school from my name) and I get to talk about all kinds of great shit while I'm smoking. Here's a question for all of you along the same lines as the first one. Do you find that marijuana makes you very introspective. That is, does it not only make you quite curious and interested, but specifically make you really analyze yourself and your actions and motivations, etc...?
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    Paul J Jamtgaard
  8. well, i guess it wasn't really all that hard to guess. bonus points noneheless...

  9. Yeh, i totaly agree wif that.
    When i'm stoned (no matter how baked i am) i come up with the most mind bogling shit, so much so that while i am thinking about it, i have no idea what it is but i still get it???

    Yes it is pretty weird but that is only every now and then.

    Usually i am considering where my life is heading from here, the pro's and con's of each possible outcome of any combination of circumstance and basically doing a forcast of what is to come. A bit of a horoscope i guess you could say.

    I definitly would have to say that me smoking weed has made me the person i am today for sure. Not saying that i am a pot head. I do smoke often but i have the ability to say thats enough for now. I have found myself countless times walking down the street somewhere, ripped, contemplating "what from here?". And not yet have i come out with a bad outcome. Often mistaken for smoking away my troubles by the inexperienced to the ways of ganja!!!

    Smoke on!!!

  10. Yes, I analyze things a lot when I'm high. I think about the reasons WHY for everything. I often have a hard time truely believing some things. But I think there is nothing wron with knowing or thinking of the whys behind even the smallest things
  11. i dont like to get stoned with my stoner friends anymore.
    i smoke now and sit there and think, play guitar and read.
    its much more fun.

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