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Deep bong slide, hits GREAT at first...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zukas, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I just got a bong slide specifically because the bowl was so big. It's not even big, its about as wide as a dime, but it goes really deep. Like I can smoke 3.5 grams in 2-3 bowl packs in this thing. But the PROBLEM is I can't pack it full anymore, cuz when I do, the last 3-4 rips taste absolutely HORRID. It doesn't taste like resin or stems... maybe it's a mix of both.

    Any suggestions or ideas as to what is happening and why? :(

    Thought I'd ask in the pro-toker forums
  2. ur hiting ashes mate thats why, same prob with mine
  3. Nothing we can do about it huh? Just pack less? I try blowing off the ash after every hit, doesn't do anything.
  4. Corner the bowl, perhaps, leaving some green each time you rip?
  5. pack snaps if you dont want any bad taste
  6. i just pack a bowl that i can finish in a hit or 2

  7. yeah only solution. thus is the nature of bowls man, they get a little bit gross right near the end, especially as the ash and resin build up
  8. Ever try cleaning?

  9. Thats what I'm thinking, it just sounds like its dirty. Use some ISO and salt to clean it out
  10. Try to pizza cut/light the bowl, so there are greens on every hit!
  11. ^^^Listen to this guy.
  12. ^^^^^ listen to the guy this guy quoted
  13. listen to the guy above and then listen to that guy and listen to that guy
  14. ^^^ listen to those 11 people

  15. I get that it my bong too, its probably just ash on top of weed, so get a pokey or your finger or something and flip the weed over so the greens at the top.
  16. try not packing fat bowl. try doing little snappers you always get green and no ash ass hits. and you save a lil bit of weed:D
  17. ummm resin ball time.....

    clean the bowl with some alch rubbing and salt.

  18. listen to those 12 people :smoking:

    had to keep it going

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