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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by boomhower33, Nov 24, 2003.


What should be done with Marijuana?

  1. Legalize Pot

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  2. Decriminalize Pot

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  3. Same Laws as Now

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  1. well common i donno about this whole idea of pot being legalized...sure it would be sweet to stand smokin a j at the bus stop wit cops starin at you helpless...but really it would hurt dealers n growers...everybody would fall onto it and it would turn from sometin cool friends do on a friday night or everyday to...some kind of gay fad....the solution from me would be to decriminalize weed but keep it illegal...

    well whatever thats my two cents .....boomhower.....peace
  2. legalized weed would be the way to go with the laws we have in the u.s. it's just a opening for crime so we sould legaliz and decriminalize weed would be a step but not the way to go it would be something gay like 1oz or a 1/2 oz but you have more your fucked but weed will stay the way it is in the law books as long as farmasuticol's have the big money to buy a ciniter or two weed is staying the way it is in the law books
  3. it may feel bad to be an outlaw, puffin on your j, but seriously, why wouldn't you want to decriminalize it or legalize it?...sticking up for the employment rights of dealers is the same as arguing that ending prohibition would hurt Al Capone....all I see is an untold waste of my tax dollars going after those of us who want to smoke & chill in peace...legalize it, tax it, enjoy it!
  4. already decriminalized in california!! i think all that happens under a certain amount of grams is a 100 dollar fine, no jail time
  5. why shouldn't you be allowed to sit at the bus stop puffin on a J? people are allowed to sit there and smoke cigs or drink a can of beer.

    and dude.... dealers aren't a good thing. dealers only exist because it's a black market.

    man.. i hate when i want some weed and i have to phone the guy up to see if he has any. then i have to meet him somewhere. sometimes standing in the rain for like... half an hour. it would be much better if i could go down the street and walk into my local coffeeshop. just like people who drink can walk down the street and go into their local pub.

    if it was legal, you'd be guaranteed some weed whenever you wanted it. there'd be no such thing as a dry spell.

    think about it.

    decriminalisation.... bah!

  6. true true....but with most pro's come con' will never pass to legalize it anytime soon...and my point of view, just like everything it will take time...but by decriminalizing it we can take a quick step closer to the goal...

  7. LEGALIZE!!!! I dont give a fuck if it becomes a fad...I know I was doin it before it was, and I would continue to do it...if it doesnt get legalized, decriminalization is next best thing...but I dont think it would hurt growers at would in fact help them, they would able to grow outside where it's meant to be grown, and they could grow as much as they want if it was legal...and I agree with D9 THC about dealers...Ive met some pretty shady dealers who I dont want anything to do with...LEGALIZE!!!!

  8. not good for me at all, with decrim, means that growers get worse penalties, i'd rather it was legal, and grow any type i like in freedom..........i can only imagine it.........Peace out........Sid
  9. everything ive read in this thread make sense but if it were legal growers wouldnt have to grow stealth... hey we could be growin in our own frontyards and no1 could stop us. me personnaly would like it to stay illegal but it would only be a crime if you had more than 3 plants or you were caught with like a quarter of an ounce or somthin like that but hay thats just my opinion.

  10. Kind of but not really. I had a friend who got rolled with 3-4 pounds and he's doing some 3-4 years I think. I had other friends who got rolled with about 2 grams and the cops just took it away and gave them a warning. But I guess it varies from cop to cop, because some cops are just assholes. My sister's ex bf got rolled with about 8 grams and they took his bong and smashed it in front of his face and they gave him a fine and is on probation and shit. So yeaaaaa. I don't know, it's crazy shit here. I have good friends from highschool dealing pounds of coke and weed now and I'm sure they'll get narc'ed on soon just because they ain't the brightest of people.
  11. There's too many people in jail because of being peaceful stoners and that's wrong. It needs to be legalized. Decriminalization would be a step but legalization should be the goal. Getting high should not be considered a criminal act when getting drunk isn't. Alcohol was once prohibitted and then when they lifted the prohibition the liquor industry wasn't turning the profit they had hoped for so they teamed up with the government and helped place the prohibition on marijuana. It's all horseshit. It should be legal.

    My opinion, of course...
  12. Marijuana will neither become legal ,or non-criminal...........not in a predominantly backwards christian society like America.

    My suggestion (after fighting for legalization for over 30 years) is simply to become better criminals.

    I'll speak more on how and why later.

    Always seek out new connections ,if not for yourself ,then perhaps for a friend..............or some other stoner looking for a hookup ,perhaps you could then pass one along that is not your best connection.

  13. fuck man... i kinda like it being illegal... not saying that i want to get caught or anything, but it feels good to play a rebel. (i come from a STRAITLACED family). thats what i think, but if it was decrim'd or legalized i would still be happy either way :) lol
  14. same laws as now is fine here in toronto. just stay outta the pigs' vision and you're clear.
  15. I've reached that point where I really don't care if pot is legalized or not.................or decriminalized.

    Won't make much difference if either or neither happenes.

  16. i'll never understand why we don't just legalize it, tax the fuck out of it, and use the tax money for something that benefits everyone...for instance, here in california, i KNOW our budget could use a boost. it just makes sense. people are going to buy it anyway; might as well reap the benefits.

  17. Its still a misdemeanor. It would be a civil offense if it were decriminalized.

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