Discussion in 'General' started by Blazin Yoda, May 18, 2004.

  1. This evening ive acquired 2 xanax 0.5 mg pills, but im not sure what would be best

    should i snort them and smoke some dank or just eat them and smoke and drink on them?

    what would you do
  2. drink em or snort em is what i would do
  3. Man i went on a little xanax binge last week and cant remember 4 days, lol. But just swallow them, that isnt even equal to a bar (2 mg) which is the usual dose that i find xanax to be sold as. If you take them you will just be relaxed since it is only 1 mg, but with 2 and more you get really relaxed and out of it and time goes by fast. I personally also have trouble remembering days where i took xanax also, but smoking and snorting is a waste to me personally, but some people say it works good for them, but i would say just throw them in your mouth let it sit under your tounge for a second (taste like hell) and then just swallow.
  4. yah they taste very for time going by fast...lets just say ive thought ive taken like a 20 min nap but in reality it was bout an hour and a half to 2 hours lol
  5. Haha yeah that happens to me all the time when im on it, its crazy but i enjoy it.
  6. hmmm. what happens when you take the time speeding xanax with the time slowing cannabis? do the two drugs cancel eachother out...? hehehe.. i'm not serious.
  7. i ended up just snorting them and drinking, dont remember alot lol

    now im smoking a bowl, i did 5 and 1/2 tabs to the face and ate some muscle relaxers i feel wonderful lol

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