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  1. I just wanted to make this thread to bitch about failing classes. fuck i've been so apathetic about everything lately. for my final project in one of my classes I am supposed to design a website, also due is a video project. both these things are due thursday. I've honestly gotten to the point where I would rather fail than try and rush and do both of these things. I doubt I could finish if I wanted too. I should have been working on this shit so long ago, but everyday it is like I can't force myself to do fucking anything productive. I don't know if I am depressed, have ADD, or am just lazy. I did alright in all my other classes, not great but alright.

    I can just hear my parents now when they find out I fail. I'm a fucking disappointment to them. My mom will probably just assume I'm going to fail out of college entirely after this. Then the news will spread to my brother, my aunt, my grandpa. All of these people can treat me like a worthless idiot. Failure is not acceptable in my family, and it makes me feel like an outcast among them when I don't do well in school.

    I know this shit is easy. I'm not stupid, I am smart. I always do well on tests, and things that I put a lot of effort into. But too much of the time I just don't try. Its like I can not force myself to do work. Gah. I need time to think. I don't know what to do with my life. I cannot see myself in any career. Should I drop out and go to culinary school? I'm even considering the army. Or stay here at university another year, go to a psychiatrist try to get on some antidepressants or adderall, I think that could help.

    Fuck I just feel like shit right now.
  2. Failure is not acceptable period when it stems from lack of work ethic man. You may not want to hear your family's bitching, but they've got a very good point.

    It's up to you to decide where you want to go in life. But whatever decision you make, you're going to need to buckle down and gain some sort of work ethic. I always hate to say it, but maybe you need to stop smoking weed for a bit. They say weed can make you apathetic, and guess what? It's absolutely true.

    Figure your shit out man. Mary Jane will always be there for you. Don't screw up your life now just because you can't sit down and focus. If you're depressed, go see a psychiatrist...but don't blame your apathy on depression if that's not where it's actually coming from. Only you know why you made the decision not to do your work. Fix it.
  3. You have the opportunity to succeed, why not take it?

    Why waste it? What makes it a good idea to fail?
  4. Maybe you don't want to do it because it's fucking dumb, dis-interesting, and most importantly, not part of a goal you can see. You said it yourself: You dont' know what the fuck you want to do.

    So relax. This shit isn't a competition. Maybe an interest that translates to a career will arise organically. Maybe it won't. In the meantime, consider staying in college and just gutting it out. If you genuinely dislike college, go work somewhere and have some fun, man.

    ivy league physician, GED recipient, physicist- they all get a box in the end. More importantly, you'll have to live with yourself long after your parents are dead. Really digest that.
  5. You just gotta evaluate what's important to you in life ' realize that it's never too late to goto college so you can always continue later

    understand what will make you the happiest in your life and pursue that

    try and find what will keep you at peace with yourself to the point that other peoples negativity won't bother you

    don't just do what other people are doing or what other people want you to do ' be yourself homie ' because no matter what you're not going anywhere ' you'll either be here or there but you'll always be somewhere ' so be in a happy place among things and people that make you happy
  6. yeah, you can still do it and you probably will feel better if you succeed. And have time to think.

    please don't join the army under duress, that is a serious ass choice

  7. No shit. And if your moral sphere A-OK's killing randoms, muster up the cognitive dissonance and reach out to la cosa nostra, et al. At least they pay better.
  8. thanks for the comments guys. i know i fucked up and i really do need to quit smoking next semester, though I think video games distract me more than weed.

  9. haha then force yourself to sell the video games or leave um at your parents house or something

    just gotta work on changing your daily routine and habits if thats whats been the problem
  10. I feel I am in the same position as you. Falling in college. Thinking about taking a semester off. I really don't want to, but I am extremely unmotivated to do the college thing. I have it all paid for and a great opportunity for success but something is just holding me back from it. I think I am going to take that semester off and save up some money and try to get a place and go to school part time or something. But figure it out man. Stay strong. Not army strong though. No smoking in the army.
  11. Woahhh man.

    Me and failure are like this:


    I don't think failure would appreciate the way you're talking about it.

  12. just keep your head up man, looking down all the time causes neck problems
  13. Forcing yourself to stick with a degree you don't want is not necessarily a wise thing to do. Burning out or losing motivation happens to the best of us, and when it's because you're doing something you have no interest in sometimes it's more courageous to stop what you're doing and reassess. I'm not saying you should give up college, because it's a very wise idea to get qualifications. But maybe a break and or a different path is what you should consider.

    I've been in the situation you're in now. I first started university doing premed, and absolutely hated it. I also despised my peers (think Greys Anatomy junkies with 26 different coloured highlighters and Starbucks cup glued to their hand). Within a month I was ignoring deadlines, making piss-weak attempts at labs and assignments and driving myself to failure. The parents were on my ass all the time and I started believing I was a failure.

    Well I dropped out, and got a simple office job to keep my parents happy. Kept this going for six months while I let my mind grow a bit and actually figure out what I wanted to do. I earned a bit of cash, experienced freedom for a while and figured out where my interests lie. Then I enrolled back at uni, and now am in my final year and actually enjoy what I'm doing (drug design) and I can't express how glad I am to not be stuck in med school.
  14. Man up, weve all got to do things that we don't want to do.
  15. Think about it like this, in the end what does it really matter?
    where all just bricks in the never ending wall man, don't feel so bad about failure. on the grand scale of things it matters not. just have fun with life and live in the moment. becuase someone who works all there life to have it made when there older has to lose all the fun they could have had living in the moment before. where fragile creatures who only live around 60-80 years.
  16. yeah - what you really need to do is gain some perspective for your future. i mean - sure - it's not the worst thing to not be successful in America. it happens to a shitload of people. and plenty of them are happy. or at least, living a life they think is worth living.

    but still, given the opportunity to lead a more opportune life... that opportunity doesnt last forever. now's when you gotta take advantage of the opportunity before it's gone.
  17. Better to turn something in than nothing at all.

  18. I would agree with you, but with this class if I half ass it I am still gonna fail. This counts for a huge grade and I am averaging a c for the rest of the semester. So fuck it. I will just study for my english final, then try and get my shit together over the summer. I guess failing 1 class isn't the end of the world. I just can't make a habit of this. Wasted money really.

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