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  1. Right now I'm a senior in high school and trying to decide what I want to do with my life. I really enjoy bud and would love to go into growing it as a career but I've heard much about the hardships it brings. I'd move to either Colorado or California, possibly Washington for this purpose. As for college, if I do go, I would be paying almost entirely with loans and don't like the idea of spending the next 20 years paying them off. I'd like to go to UT Austin for engineering but with my current grades, which aren't bad, scholarships are unlikely with the exception of family issues I could use. I'd really like some input on my decision.
    Tl:dr - Should I move and grow medical or pay for college with loans and go into engineering.
  2. Mechanical Engineering will make you rich if your good.
  3. 63% of college graduates don't get jobs in their field. I am one of them. As for the growing market, it sounds promising here in Colorado, but everybody is planning on getting in on it and I am expecting a flooded market similar to when we first got mmj. Plus, the prices are supposed to drop drastically, further taking from what profit could be made. Don't let the college thing get you down though, a lot of people go for stupid shit that isn't a great job opportunity....ex: political science. Also, don't worry about the debt, you can't avoid it in this country.
  4. This is why I'm hesitant to go to college. I know it's worthwhile education but I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do and if I end up not using my major then it's wasted money. Maybe I should just start growing for dispensaries and put off college for a short amount of time? Maybe move so I can get in state tuition to my college of choice.
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    College isn't just about the education, it's much more. Goin away to school forces you to make you own decisions that are not influenced by your parents or guardians. You'll make some good ones and bad ones, regardless you learn how to make of either situation. I can't tell you how much I've learned by being almost on my own.

    Plus you meet some awesome people. I can't tell you how many cool people I've meet throughout my years.

    Don't go to college cuz stats show that not all kids who go to college get jobs. Those are students who prolly partied and did not give a fuck. Maybe they didnt party and what not but there are too many variables that could cause them to not get a job out of college (major, career field, ect). It's up to you to get that job and the work you put in will show.

    Money can be a factor, unfortunately it can be the make or break factor but there are plenty of colleges that are budget friendly.

    edit: sry i was on my phone. i wanted to keep going haha.

    your also at a age where you brain is able to suck in information like a sponge. don't end up not going to college now and want to go 5-10 years down the road, you might want to but you'll be past that optimal learning stage. so it'll be tough for you to grasp the information and have that focus.

    you dont even have to know what you wanna learn in college. just goin undecided as your major, that might be the best option. i def wish i did not.

    but all in all, college might not be your cup of tea. my point is that don't rule it out because you're not guaranteed a job or it is a lot of money. the good and bad experiences you will go through will make it worth it.

    plus i think its nice to go to college and keep yourself from getting into the real world too soon. if i went out of hs i would've failed. i was too young mentally and i needed the growth that i got from college. i also didn't feel like working my life away right from the bat.

    college is fun. you go to class, study and chill during your free time. maybe even party if you want, but college isnt all about partying as people make it seem to be. you'll meet other people who will just want to chill and there you will start to make close friends. you might even find your wife/husband lol.

    if you don't think its for you, its all good too. you might find your niche else where. best of luck though.

    edit: i had to add this to my speech lmao.

    if you do decide to go to college pick a major you enjoy learning about. i made the mistake of attempting the money route, i chose to be a bio major from the start. biology was something i could not grasp. science just made no sense and the math classes were way too tough me. i ended up getting a .85gpa my first semester of college. not going to classes and bad time management with football def messed me up. regardless bio wasn't for me.

    so then i switched to history. i love history, i find it interesting and i don't mind the workload. bio was a lot of labs, online quizes, and projects. history is more like lectures and writing papers, which fit my style.
  6. How can you look to the future when you are forgetting the past?
  7. @Gilly - that is quite a speech. I've never really had anyone explain the wonders of college to me as the only person who would is my mother. As I take it from you it's a maturing experience I won't be able to live without. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to type up this report and that is one of the deciding factors in my decision. I still do think that I might need a break for a year or two before I take on the responsibility of college, and settle in an area where I want to live for the majority of my life, but college is my preferred route.
  8. Dude, don't get into the growing business. 20 years from now, are you going to be more satisfied that you got a college degree, or that you grew marijuana?
  9. Well I won't be ashamed if I grew, that's for sure
  10. if you are passionate about marijuana, grow the best marijuana you can. that will give you the best satisfaction.
  11. are you willing to overcome all the problems the trap lyfe brings?

    heres some advice:

    Never sleep in the trap.
  12. I don't think you need to rush to go to college to be honest. You need to figure out what you want out of life before wasting a lot of money on a higher education. As far as growing goes, move somewhere that you can legally do it as a hobby but don't expect to make a lot of money from it. The competition is crazy and looking at it from an economic standpoint, the prices will be dropping significantly which will make things even harder on anyone attempting to make a legal living off of growing. But don't think taking a few years off means you can bs, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! Who knows, you might be able to start your own business should you choose that route. Whatever you decide on doing my friend, do your best.

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  13. You make it sound like growing pot commercially is easy. Have your grown bud before? It's much more difficult to grow dispensary and medical quality cannabis then it is to grow some bag seed in a closet.

    Choosing between growing and college shouldn't be a question. I'm 21 and just applied to transfer to a state university. Chose a field that isn't going anywhere like computer or engineering related. Grow while you goto school so that way when you're done you CAN grow for a living, and if not, then you have a career to fall back on.
  14. open a sweatshop making bootleg Gucci
  15. I definitely agree its not easy even if i havent done it before, and if i do start growing its going to be more work than i can fathom. Growing while i go to school im a bit iffy on. Depends on the legality of the state. But everyone has said i should go to college and that was my view mostly to begin with but i had some doubts. Anyways now it just seems that i need to find a major that suits me. Thanks a ton everyone and any more input wouldnt hurt if you want to add it.
  16. Hey I'm in California and I have my doctors Rec so I can legally grow. I'm 21 I work full time and goto scho full time I'm actually finishing the last of my GE this semester and ill be going to a university next year. Get the school done stuff first it will pay itself off. You'll never need to slave away at an hourly job the rest of your life
  17. What are you doing for a living currently? And are you growing now or do you just have the ability to grow with your card?
  18. I sell women's shoes at an upscale mall for a big retailer. It's commission and I make decent money. I used to work at a Verizon retailer and made alright money also. And yes I am currently growing its not anything big but I have a decent tent with a 400w hps I just harvested one of my plants, a grapefruit diesel ill upload a pic if the phone app won't glitch out on me

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  19. Thats very reassuring. I know even having a job while attending school is taxing and you have my respects. And good job with the plant. I really think that combining the two, college and medical marijuana, would be the most appropriate choice now and will definitely be persuing an opportunity in the field. Maybe not selling commercially but growing for personal use or friends in a legal state would please me as a hobby.

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