Deciding on a *wax/shatter* pen?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Cannabis_Cactus, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hey what's up everyone.
    I want to start getting into vaping, and I've recently come into a contact that supplies a lot of shatter and wax  :yummy:
    I want to get a good starter pen. I'm willing to pay (preferably)$60 to $100.
    I started doing some research last night and I found two on 420science that caught my eye.
    The Dabbler by the Vapebrothers looked like a pretty solid way to kick off my experience:
    And then there was the Helix Vape Pen by Grav Labs that just looked sick. The only worry I have with this pen is the glass dome, and easy access to the pen in public or wherever (check out the product video though this thing is crazy)
    Do you guys have any experience with these pens? Or perhaps do you recommend and entirely different pen completely for your concentrates? What's good!

  2. Don't have much experience with the pens you mentioned so I can't really speak to those specifically.
    What are some of the other factors you value? Portability? Design? Burn temp? Harshness of smoke? etc.
  3. dude just go on eBay for $15 and get a pen with a globe. save yourself $80
  4. Bump for help. Who's out there!
  5. waxpayne started the kind of thread you'd be looking for:
    you really can build your own quality pen for p cheap. mind you, every so often you'll have to replace coils/heaters, but that's not that big an issue if you're willing to drop $20 a week or w.e it is you cop on the regular. i'm waiting an a kanger evod vv battery, an uptech globe, with grade 2 ti coils and ceramic wick. next step is a 501-to-610 adapter so i can scoop up the 3.7v ti gr2 KISS cart, which also has a ceramic wick w/ ti grade 2 coil. that altogether cost around ~$35
    as long as you look for those things: ceramic wick (or wickless) and grade 2 titanium (or inconel, or other heat inert metals) you're good. for more permanent options, you might want to consider a thermovape cera. now that's a fine vape, but blows discretion totally out of the water. but def makes a good-at-home piece.
  6. The Dabbler is awesome. I've had mine for about a month. Carrying case is a nice addition, the pen itself works very well and feels real solid. Nice clouds.

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