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Decent pickup? [HiResolutionPhotos]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HKArmy, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Just picked up my first quarter from my "dealer". He says it's OG Kush. To be quite honest, I don't give a fuck what it's called, as long as I can get a good relaxing high out of it.

    I paid roughly $100 for the quarter which weighed out to 6.9g. I hear it's pretty typical of Long Island prices anyway.

    Check some of the photos I took, would you smoke it?

    Phone (Little purp here?)

    SLR Camera

    Addendum: Sorry for so many photos, but I'm huge into photography, and I figured everyone likes pictures anyway. :D

    Peace all!
  2. Looks like some dank. Nothin too crazy, but it is dank.
  3. looks like some pretty good buds.

    I see you're into photography... ever take any pics on the field? That seems to be the only kind of photography I can really get into, probably helps that I love just watching games/just being around ballers.
  4. Yeah I thought it looked pretty good. I always see some crazy shit here on GC, but I never get anything as good as that stuff. :(
  5. Looks like dank. Looks arent everything, we can look at bud all day and try and decide. Smoke that shit and tell us how it is.
  6. Will do tonight! Thanks for the replies everyone! Always feels like home on GrassCity.
  7. Great buds, good price compared to what other people pay for quarters of dank. All in all great buy man :smoke:
  8. Looks nice. I think you got yourself a good straight deal here. I would definitely smoke it. How sticky is it?
  9. Hell ya I'd smoke it. I'd say worth $90-$100 on the street. Nothin too jaw droppin but its definately quality bud. Nice pick-up.:)
  10. Damnit! I wish I could smoke it but I just got a job offer at a law firm from one of my professors.


    Time to get the mason jar out? :(

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