decent grinder?

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  1. Does anyone know of a decent grinder that will last for a little while ,no more than $30 preferbly with a keif catcher?
  2. fuck icp bro
  3. I have a generic 4pc hand crank one that I got for $20 at the local headshop near me. It works quite well.

    I guess the Chromium Crusher at about $18 shipped seems to get a majority of good reviews.
  4. Cali crusher 33 on amazon
  5. Ive already decided to buy a sharpstone
  6. I have a shrpstone and like it.
  7. 4pc razor for 40$

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  8. Sharp shredda. 30 or 35 bucks and it grinds like a Santa Cruz shredder with the square teeth and has one of the best kief catchers on the market imho.
  9. I would have went with sharpstone 5 years ago. There are much better grinders for the price than there used to be.
  10. Oh man the ICP hate has me rofl'ing all over
    Any grinder is a 'descent' grinder in my opinion.  I've been using the same wooden once for 8 years.  Granted sometimes I have to put a new tack (makeshift grinder tooth) in place, but it grinds bud to your desired consistency.  No kif catcher though, but I'm not a huge fan of kif anyways, it's overrated.
  11. yea my brother has a little wooden grinder which i like to use but i was wanting my own and something with a keif catcher
  12. Chromium Crusher

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  13. Piranha grinders are the fucking best! I bought my boyfriend a big one for $40 I know it's a little over your price range but it's definitely worth it! It has a ton of room in it so when you grind up a bunch and throw a dime in there you'll get so much keif! It comes with a little scoop in the keif catcher too which is cool. He's had his for 6 months now, no deterioration or tarnishing on the metal, it's a green one and hasn't chipped or worn off at all. I highly recommend them. I think the smaller ones are usually about $20. I just think if you're gonna invest in a grinder then go big or go home!

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  14. hahahah
    So did this help at all or would you have bought this one in the first place?...

    ...still fuck icp tho!
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    I got a light blue handcrank 4pc sharpstone with a window on top for only $20 at a LHS. Killer deal, awesome grinder. Teeth have no chance of falling out, and my kief is the highest quality.

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