Decent 4" Inline Fan for Exhaust

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Steph420_420, May 28, 2019.

  1. Are there any decent 4" fans. Been looking on Amazon and tons, but all mixed reviews including "couldn't blow a fart"

    Any recommendations would be good. 1 plant setup so don't think I need to spend the earth on it either.
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  2. What I would get.
    I have a few of the 6" versions and they work great. Usually run them at 50%.
  3. Beautiful looking fan!
  4. I’ve got a 4” vivo.... and it sucks ass. lol

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  5. That's some piece of kit!
  6. No doubt about it. AC infinity s4 cloudline. $89. They also make an t4 if you want auto controls. 8 speeds,28db, very nice and I have a few other fans, but for a quality 4 inch I looked a long time and glad I bought the s4.
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  7. I just ordered the ac infinity t6 after much reading (too much) and everybody has these at the top of the list . Also these can be installed in the attic (up to 240° F) none of the other fans I looked at even come close to that. I was going to get the t8 but it draws 180watts the 6" only draw 40watts
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  8. I’m actually ordering a 6” and 4” from AC infinity. Quality products I used their usb fans and controller for a micro cabinet a few years back
  9. I have one of their project fans . Pro grade stuff for sure. Can't wait to get mine going I've been getting by with a couple booster fans but with summer coming on and the 96s blaring away in late flower, it's getting hot!
  10. Oh I bet!! lol I’ve got 4 in a 4x4 and it’s getting pretty hard to run them on full blast.
  11. I am running 300watts in a 2×3. 16" - 20" above Gives me a really nice even spread .
  12. What’s your PPFD like?
  13. you will love it. Not sure about the t part, auto drives me crazy, because I set it and if it is a degree off I try to compensate . Found for me it is better for me to be the automated controller. I'm not doing anything anyway. But these a/c fans are really nice, you will love it on half speed, really smooth sounding. Air is air an no matter how quiet the fan, air still makes noise when it moves. With the low speeds, you may find you didn't need as much as you thought, and you can dial it in to just the right setting.
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  14. I got the 6" for my 2×3 closet I vent straight out the top into the roof so it should really rip some air through there but that's the idea as you know
  15. Can this reduce the humidity in the exhaust environment?
  16. 800 to 900 across the whole thing less in very corners but with them raised up and turned up it's very even
  17. Not sure I understand the question it is just a fan it can reduce heat and humidity but you have to have someplace to go with it. As in outside another room etc
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