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Decarb in air fryer

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Luckydux, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. I’m not finding any info on using an air fryer for decarbing and just curious why. I really don’t trust my antiquated oven and my air fryer is digital.
    I’m in the cooking process now so I’ll know the specifics soon enough.
    I made a packet/bowl out of foil to hold the herb and then semi closed it up. I poked a few holes all around the sides of it to help air flow but not sure it matters much. It certainly isn’t retaining the terps :eek2:
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  2. As long as you can heat to 240F and hold it there for 40 minutes you should be good.
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  3. Ok that’s good to hear. The unit I have maxes at 30min at 240 but I added another 10 as a soon as it finished. I have an infrared thermometer that I used to shoot the foil as soon as it beeped and it was reading 210. The unit has a cool down feature of about a minute before it actually beeps so I’m hopeful it was up to temp before I took the reading.

    I will say that the herb doesn’t look brown at all which is different than what I’m accustomed to, but I still consider myself a rookie
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  4. In a pan uncovered is best IME.
    This is two 15 gram piles of Dry Ice Kief about to be decarbed

    Ovens are Ovens. It doesn't matter if it's wood burner from 1885 or a brand new one.
    I keep a pair of these in the antique salvaged toaster oven I use for all my stinky cannabis cooking.

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  5. I actually ordered an oven thermometer this week but while waiting on it I just thought why not use the air fryer??!!

    Love my air fryer by the way! It and the instapot have made life a bit easier.
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  6. I haven't tried an instant pot yet but I lot of folks use instant pots for decarbing.

    I seen some data on decarbing in an IP recently, but I don't remember where, lol. If interested do a quick Google search on decarbing in an instant pot.
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  7. Do you have any data on that?

    One selling point for Ardent's nova fx is that the chamber seals to stop terpene loss.

    I imagine the gas condenses on the vessel walls when it cools, but idk if it actually gets reconstituted in the concentrate/herb. Maybe someone knows that uses one?

    A big deal, if it works as advertised.
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  8. I have an Ardent Lyft, which is their smaller original model. I’d does have a silicone seal that is placed over the cylinder as it decarbs the weed. I have even had condensation on the inside from really fresh weed from the dispensary. Not much, but it definitely traps everything in.

    I live in a condo and don’t want the smell. My unit doesn’t smell. One time when it was new I smelled something, but I have had it for 9 months and I can’t imagine making edibles without it. It also infuses, so I add gummies. Now I just make my own dark chocolate bears. Just ground to dust my weed, add to heated to 180 cocoa butter and cocoa powder, add desired amount of maple syrup and Viola! They dont even need to be refrigerated

    I like to infuse the weed into a bit of coconut oil as that helps for faster onset of the THC

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  9. I’ve used the instantpot to decarb but only when I’m infusing an oil at the same time. I haven’t seen any info about doing it with just the herb so I’m hesitant to try. I admit I did ponder it before opting for the air fryer.

    The instant pot I have also has a sous vide button so I’m sure there’s possibilities there as well!
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  10. You trade saving Terpenes for a less efficient extraction. One of the major extractors was talking about how they have to dry the herb down to X % to get the maximum extraction. The moisture content interferes with the solvent seeking to get at the trichomes as I understood and my own empirical testing seemed to agree. I stopped covering the decarb a long time ago. Higher then ever and the decarbing Kief smells like an exotic but familiar roasted nut you can't quite put your finger on to identify.

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  11. I don’t know about any trading terpenes, my edible don’t lack any. I have been told I make the best edibles around as they are strain specific...Viva Ardent, great machine for a novice, like most of us.

    You press one button and watch a show on Netflix, done. Cook and eat, or just eat as is. You don’t even have to get fancy. Just buy chocolate and melt in microwave, add ground and decarbed weed and then portion it out, Viola!

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  12. Isn’t this just a pressure cooker? I think I’ve also seen models of instant pots with a pressure cooker feature. So, is there a pressure cooker guide anywhere for decarb, infusion, reduction, etc?

    The convenience of doing a slow 4 hour oil infusion is not enough reason for new equipment. If instant pot can do all your steps (pretty sure there’s a rice cooker feature for reduction!) that would be worth the investment.

    I’m not saying do it all at once here, but several steps at one station eliminating certain equipment. Especially in small spaces, shared or if you need to be stealthy.

    (edited typos)
  13. Alright I just did a deep-ish dive through google about instant pot and pressure cooking decarb. Every guide I found used the pressure cooker feature and cooked a sealed mason jar at 240°F for 40 min. One yt vid had a decently decarbed looking product. You're roasting the buds inside the glass jar which can then be used for a slow oil infuse, saving steps and mess. my worry, based on lack of experience, is how much faith can you really have in that glass? Pyrex has fairly specific guidelines, so must these companies. Your jar might survive a couple rounds of this process, but is it viable?

    I think the air frier is a superior tool come to think of it. If you can hit 240, it can decarb, then it must also have a lower setting right? Can it hold at 160? It’s a convection oven so reduction could work in those conditions I believe (if you’re up for that method).
  14. Mason jars are designed specifically for this task and won't be damaged by a trip through the pressure cooker! The science of home canning is well understood. This is not fringe science.

    People use Pyrex baking dishes to bake casseroles at 350F all the time. My mom has been using the same glass baking dishes for decades and they are still in perfect condition.

    The melting point for glass is up around 2,000F, far beyond the temperature you can achieve with your standard kitchen equipment.
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  15. Mason jars are supposed to be full though right? If you don’t have that liquid or mass inside the wall of the glass will it still behave predictably? To the Pyrex point you aren’t supposed to put them in an oven before it’s preheated, so if you put a mason jar in an unheated pressure cooker that a-ok?

    I don’t have experience canning. I’ve just learned that when used improperly equipment can be dangerous. In the right conditions you can shatter steel, right? We’ve probably all seen at least one video of someone’s oven shattering. I just want everyone to be successful and have a good time. From what I read the higher odds of exploding mason jars significantly dampen your experience making tinctures.
  16. That's actually a really good point about the jars not being full of liquid.

    I do can at home sometimes, and I've never had a broken jar. It's a very safe process if the directions are carefully followed. Glass is used for lab equipment like beakers and test tubes. But I'll concede, I've never tried to can a jar of dry herb.

    For what it's worth, I always just use the "uncovered baking dish in a 240F oven" method. Works fine for me. Not sure what the advantage of the "mason jar in a pressure cooker" method would be? My concerns would be 1) does it actually get up to 240F inside the jar? 2) How does the steam escape, seems like it's just trapped inside the jar.

    I like the "dry heat" of my oven for decarbing.
  17. Yeah, I’m with you on the old fashioned oven method. This was more or less an example of, if we can should we? And looks like with you and me the answer is for sure no. But for the one person stuck in Antarctica with just a pressure cooker, everclear, bakeware, buds and some gumption your answer is.. maybe.
  18. Just wanted to update about using the air fryer. It did work but I don’t do this enough to really know if it could of worked better.
    I happened across a never used toaster oven over the weekend at a thrift shop so I picked it up! Also got the oven thermometer in the mail so I think I’m set.
    I’ll be decarbing in the air fryer again if for nothing more than just to compare it
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  19. The only real advantage for me of doing it in the instantpot is that it’s digital. My oven isn’t. When I use it for decarbing and infusing an oil at the same time I don’t snug the lid down so pressure doesn’t build up. I’ve checked for decarb afterwards on a double boiler and can verify that it is indeed
  20. The air fryer seems to be just a toaster/convection oven that moves a lot of air ??

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