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Discussion in 'General' started by terribleherbst, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. My roommate and I got into a heated debate about what will happen along the border when marijuana is legalized. He thinks that the drug cartels aren't going to just accept the fact that they can no longer import weed into the U.S. and that they are going to do whatever it takes to force people to still buy their product. He thinks that conditions could get worse than they are now.

    I however, know that when an illegal good is legalized it eliminates a black market for that product, therefore reducing the demand for weed coming from Mexico. If there's a legal market here noone is going to buy weed from the cartels because they wouldn't be able to do anything with it here. Hence the whole point of 'legalizing weed would weaken the cartels'.

    Someone please tell him he is wrong
  2. Meh. They'll be pissed. Prolly just try and overthrow any form of Mexican government that isn't already in with them. I'm sure they'll try and start legal Ops in the border states.
  3. Maybe they'll refocus energy on something else? Coke?
  4. He is wrong, because they will switch to their more profitable products and push them harder.
  5. They make their money off the price inflation due to its illegality. Once its legal, the profit margin is gonna tank, espcially for crappy mass produced buds.
  6. For the very short term, destabilize some regions. Some places and people are built on the money that comes in from the trade. Some people we should consider are those who earn a living farming these plants.

    In the long term, they will slowly be choked out of competition and move on. Drugs have always had their place throughout history. With globalization and overall ease of trade and transport it will be something else. I think we have used up the "novelty" for many of these drugs and the decades they were prevalent.

    I think it's about time for some new drugs. Get on it scientists. :D
  7. I AM THE ROOM MATE! i was simply saying by leagilizing marijuana in the U.S. mexico wont be able to sell marijuana here because nobody will want it (nobody wants mexican bud anyways...) but since 60% of mexican marijuana is sold to the states, i dont think mexican cartels will just forfeit 60% of their profits. i think somehow they are going to try to push marijuana on the united states at any cost to keep that 60% flo of money coming.

    anyways. GARY JOHNSON FOR PRESIDENT, our government sucks.
  8. You are forgetting everything else they are importing. Cocaine and heroin are much more profitable than weed. Im sure they are about to give up on it anyway with all the homegrown weed here. They will have a dip in their profits, which will only mean that they will push those harder drugs even more.

    The money coming from their marijuana doesnt even compare to what they are raking in on the other stuff
  9. If no wants it, how would they push it. the only way I can think of is to drop the price. Hell at the right time of year you can buy brick for $250 - 300 a Lb.

    They can't very well say "Buy this chit or I will fill you full of holes".
  10. They could very easily setup operation IN the usa if in fact it is legal and they have a streamlined production process. Just a thought?

    Or, more than likely they will switch to something else that's illegal and yields a high profit.
  11. Yeah, their style is more 'fill your body with holes then take your money'
  12. True, but that makes for a shrinking market. :smoke:
  13. Damn now the mexicans wont be able to use their catapualts anymore :(

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