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    I posted in another thread about how it's possible to survive without eating anything, Giri Bala was just such a woman who did not eat or drink for around 56 years. In trying to find the study that was done on her, I came upon this.

    What if a person does not eat at all, but is able to switch his body metabolism into living directly off of sunshine, can he prolong his life? Recent studies made on behalf of NASA, as well as other prior scientific research studies, have proven that humans can live without food. They do not understand why or how, only that it is possible for humans to do so. One such recorded case is of Giri Bala, a woman who had not eaten for 56 years.

    Longevity Human Life Span, 250 yrs. Longevity. Longevity Life Span.

    One thing that must be taken into consideration was that these studies were done in the early 1900's, in foreign countries such as India and Europe, so finding it on the internet isn't the easiest task as not everything is on the internet, it is mostly newer studies or famous studies from the likes of say Galileo or Newon, etc.

    I am going to try to find the NASA study for the time being, but while I do so, I leave you with a little quote from a well known Yogi by the name of Yeshua Ben Yoseph, or as you know him Jesus Christ.

    But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

    The every word is not the bible, the word of God is something the Yogi's and Hindu's know quite well, AUM. It is the vibration that keeps every atom in motion, though it is more like a song than a single sound, also I leave you with this.

    [ame=""]YouTube - SACRED GEOMETRY[/ame]

    Note how the higher the note, the more complex the geometric pattern. Take that and multiply it to a God vibration beyond the usual spectrum of human hearing, and make it many notes, and you have the God's song that is the manifestation of the physical universe.

    Also Therese Neumann was classified as a Saint, her only meal was a paper thin wafer, the kind given for the Eucharist, and each week she experienced the Passion of Christ, in which stigmata marks would show on her body, and she would bleed heavily from them.

    The way one survives without food or drink is strictly through the Prana, the vital life energy that surrounds us, the sun is a major source of Prana, but it permeates everything.
  2. >>Recent studies made on behalf of NASA, as well as other prior scientific research studies, have proven that humans can live without food.

    That's interesting. Can you post a link?


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    I'm trying to find it, heres some other links in the meantime

    Experts baffled as Mataji’s medical reports are normal - India - DNA

    this is all I could find on the NASA thing, and the link doesn't work anymore

    Kochi: US space agency NASA, baffled by a new age guru, 66-year old Hira Rattan Manek's feat of living without solid food for substantial period, has invited him for tests.

    Manek has not had any solid food for the past eight years, claims by his wife Vimlaben. She says he has been surviving "only on water and solar energy".

    Manek, who is already in Orlando in the US giving series of lectures on solar energy, visited Kozhikode recently to participate in a felicitation function.

    Vimblaben told PTI from Kozhikode that her husband required only two litres of water a day, had not taken a morsel of food since 1995, imbibing most of his energy from the sun. Manek gazes at the sun only during "safe periods": one hour after sunrise and just before sunset.

    Also here is a link to a man who did not eat drink nor urinate/defecate for 10 days under study

    It takes a person at least seven months to master this technique of gazing at the sun and imbibing energy through the eyes. As the body cells starts storing solar energy, gradually the hunger pangs vanish, Vimlaben claims.

    Manek has fasted for 211 days at Kozhikode in 1995, 411 days at Ahmedabad from January 2001 to February 12, 2002. Last year in the US, he fasted for 130 days surviving only on water, she claims. PTI

    CNN – Mystic’s fast baffles doctors

    He refers to the " hole in my palate", which it is a Yogi practice to slowly overtime cut the frenulum (the thing that keeps you from swallowing your tongue) in order to raise the tongue up through the throat/nasal passage and stimulate a bulb that is connected to the pineal gland, that secretes the "divine nectar"

    Ahh here we go
    Nasa to study man who survives on liquids and sunlight
    NASA To Study Man Who Survives On Liquids And Sunlight

    Perhaps some of you guys will believe theres a bit more to Mystic practice than simply "God delusions" from now on?

    Ahh yes, good ol Prana :)
  4. Well I found out from another guy that the 130 day example wasn't exactly true, he was tested for a period, but the 130 days was simply monitoring the neurological effects/benefits of meditation, just so you guys know. The other examples are legit as far as I've found thus far.

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