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  1. I was looking in the mirror the other day and received a daunting realization. I will be dead someday. I believe in an after-life, but I believe I will no longer walk this planet in it's current state.

    Suddenly, I asked myself, "what do I want people to remember me for?" Certainly not being pushy or forceful about my Christian beliefs, but as a good reflection of how Jesus lived His life. I want to be remembered for love, not hate. I realize this is completely out of my control though as people can interpret love as hate and hate as love. So, now I'm left with the question, "Why do I want to be remembered by humans, anyway?" They are certainly indecisive creatures and I have no control over how they remember me.

    I'll ask these same questions to you, reader.
    - Do you want to be remembered by humans? Why?
    - What do you want to be remembered for? Why is that important to you?
  2. Depending on what I decide to be later on, maybe a dad, teacher, or professer, I'd like to be remembered by my kids and colleagues as someone who 'understood'... someone who was a ruthless impartialist.

    I would want to be remembered as someone who would not want to be defined by labels, but as 'a man who rejected bad ideas'.

    Something a long those lines.
  3. Interesting thoughts NuTone!
  4. I want to be remembered by humans. At least one. I want to die knowing I changed someone's life. So I guess that's what I want to be remembered for.
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    Why is it important to you to know you changed someones life?
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    Because someone changed my life for the better, a few people have, I would want to give that feeling to someone else. And they would remember me for it
  7. Sweet, I feel you on that bro
  8. People can forget "me" entirely. As long as they don't forget not to use Everclear for bong water, I am content.:D
  9. As long as I pass down part of ky genetic makeup to some offspring, idc if anyone remembers
  10. I'd like to be remembered by my art.
  11. hmm, remembered in the distant future? i don't rally care about that, i don't even know who my great great grandfather is, everyone is forgotten eventually unless you did something very big
    i guess just leaving a positive impact on my friends and family would be nice, that's all that really matters to me, but then again it's all so subjective
    as for how i feel bout what will happen to me if i die, i don't know, it's beyond my chimp mind, i can't possibly imagine what will happen after that, i'll just have to wait and see, i don't understand awareness, consciousness, i don't understand the nature of the super organism that is our universe, i can only come up with ideas as to what will happen

    my main focus is what i do in this life, what i can accomplish, i want to pursue my passions as much as i can and just do what i love, and be as happy as possible, and try to be free of negativity
  12. My fear of death is very bad, and lead me to be somewhat obsessed.
    Honestly, I believe in a God. But i do have inclinations to be skeptical, yet i still truly think he is real.

    I personally think i want to be remember by people, because in death, i still think we humans are connected to each other (Maybe even reborn). I'd say something great, like a new invention or something
  13. Don't care if humans remember me. They'll only forget anyway.
  14. Don't fear something you cannot experience. Live life knowing you're alive, not dying.

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