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  1. It's so destructive yet so peaceful. Have you ever seen a man dying? I want to feel death, I'll rather die in a plane crash, or jump off a building, you know, those few seconds before death, when you look at death straight into the eye.

    Have you ever faced death? I have. It's pretty. Your life flashes before your eyes. All the things you hate, you start to love. It's magical.

    Die ironically. Please.
  2. I've thought a lot about how fun suicide could potentially be. After all, it's really the last hurrah...why not do something interesting? My idea is to, prior to doing the deed, take out my life savings and have it converted to change. Then, I would wear a pair of poorly made cargo pants, fill the pockets with the change, and dive off of a skyscraper. My death would be an eruption of gore and quarters.
  3. Ohh, ive thought about death.

    I believe that the first few seconds of death will be the most peaceful thing ever experienced in your life... or death time? Cant really call it a life time sence your technicaly dead lol

    When you die, your brain shuts down and the world ends for you. Nothing more. No pain, no suffering, no regrets.
  4. I have seen a man die, I've found dead people who've killed themselves, and I, myself, was suppost to have been dead years ago.

    Your life doesn't flash before your eyes, there's no blinding white light, it just happens.
  5. [anyone who is paranoid about life and worried about injuring themselves {consider this}] the most dangerous thing you can do is live
  6. For some reason I imagine me saying this next part like Baldrick from Blackadder... either that or winnie the pooh...

    I've never died before (or if I have I don't remember it)... so I don't know what it's like... Have faced my own mortality though... Though it was but a breif glimpse that lead to a lot of introspection... for a while at least.

    So much time thinking about the future- what of the now? When it comes it comes, so long as it's not horribly painful I don't care how, or where. All I know is that when it comes there's nothing I can do to stop it- but that it hasn't happened (or started to happen) till the last second- so I can do plenty up till then. As long as there's no regrets- s'all good.

    If you mix in the people I love now that's a different story alltogether... look at me rambling all stoned like. I'm gonna think about the things I have to do today instead.

    Peace, Bladeskis.
  7. Hey,

    I saw my brother die in front of my eyes. I have had a cancer scare, and had thought of suicide a lot when I was growing up. Yea, i think death is a beautiful thing. My mom doesn't understand why. Something intriguing about it. Just that line you tease yourself with that once you cross you can't go back.
  8. I rememebr I had a dream of getting shot in the head,it was'nt that bad,just a sharp pain followed by pure bliss.

    It's a really wierd feeling though.....It kinda feels like how when your sinuses act up,but lot's more pressure....Yeah I'm a weirdo,so what,gotta problem.....:devious:

    It would probally feel different if you fell off a building,or died a slow painful death,but getting shot in the head feels really good......:rolleyes:

    Rememeber it was just a dream people........:(
  9. extreme pressure followed by bliss, eh? maybe shotgun wound to the temple is the way to go ;). I've always believed that a gunshot wound to the head would be the quickest way to go. (well, duh.. I guess) Wondered about the pain, though. Not suicidal or anything, but the thought is around me.
  10. You scare me...
  11. Anyone who is still alive has not experienced got close but no you didnt experience death so there is no tellin what its really like
  12. friends... Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem
  13. I once woke up in a house that was burning, and thought I was dreaming. I dreamed that a man was telling me to lie still and not to move. I was uncomfortable, so i began crawling on my belly llike a snake, until I saw a light that was fascinating to my eye. The man told me not to do anything more, and all would be over soon, and in my dream I got angry at him for that. I stood up and began pounding the light I saw with my fist, in a rage, until it smashed into pieces. Only then did I realize that I wasn't dreaming, and that I had broken open a window in a house on fire, and could now escape.

    The fire put my roommate in the burn ward for over a year, I had third degree burns on my hands and a huge slice in my belly from diving out the window. Our housecat was the only fatality. But I'm certain the man who told me to lay down and do nothing was the actual Mr. Death. He's not as pretty as you think, and definitely, he's right in the room with you at all times. Just don't take his advice.
  14. Death is going to sleep forever without any dreams. It's not good. It's not bad. It's nothing. You don't exist.

    Now, when we get the 5 billion religeous folk to come to that simple realization, we can focus our efforts on matters at hand.
  15. Doesn't anybody else think this sounds ridiculous? :confused:

    I just read this guys post about heroin, and I'm pretty sure it's not a guy, it's a boy, and everything he's saying has been fabricated in his brain and not actually lived, much like the heroin article i mentioned above. :rolleyes:

    I've almost died before, in a car crash involving a roll over (multiple times), in a ford explorer. There were no flashing lights, nothing magical happened, the last thought i could remember having before becoming conscious again after the crash was "oh shit i should have buckled up". :p

    And that's a true mother fuckin' story. If you don't think so, then think again my friend.

    And oh yeah, that begging people to die ironically is just plain retarded. If you [HolyHaze], were to die ironically, then you wouldn't die facing death in the face, because now that's what we're expecting to happen to you since that's how you'd try to do it if you did.

    More likely than a plane crash or jumping off a building, you'd have one of those everyday deaths, like getting run over by a car or shot in the temple fighting some Iraqi's. That would be ironic, or would it now that I'm expecting it? Guess it's all relative, huh?

    Wait a couple more years and come back when you're 18. :rolleyes:

  16. Alright. I'm sure I'm going to get banned/flamed/ yelled at for this, but I'm going to rant...

    First off, the fuck is wrong with you!? Have YOU ever seen a many dying? I've watched my friend bleed to death in the backseat of a car. Have you had someone begging you not to let them die? And then they die. Have you been woken up in the middle of the night, every night, screaming and sweating due to flashbacks of when your friends died?

    Faced death? How did YOU face death? I was shot 3 times in the fucking chest. Life flashes before you? I watched my boy take the 4th shot, and die for me. There's nothing wonderful about it.

    Everyone says death is glorious. I've been legally dead 3 times. I'm awoken everynight by the echoes of my past. Hearing that 4th bullet, and my friend screaming as he bled to death. Going to therapy for years, and little progress made. Being told you need to take pills to feel "normal" like everyone else.

    Sorry if I was an asshole. Just my opinion.
  17. Yeah this kid is fuckin dumb. Your life doesnt flash and all that stupid ass movie shit.

    Try having a mac pushed up against the middle of your eyes. Safety off. And NOT just playing around.

    There was no suspencful music..mostly my heartbeat.

    Thank god for cell phones..his went off behind him, he looked back-put the heater down a littleeee bit..and my first instinct was just to deck him in the mouth...did-grabbed the mac and peacedddd outtt

    I almost DIED...the thread starter is just some weird ass lil goth kid who lies to people on an internet forum cuz he has no life.

  18. HAHA. + rep dude.

  19. Classic. I love you all too. Live and let live. +rep to suburban

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