death- who thinks about it when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by potblower, May 17, 2010.

  1. i sometime get this parnoid feeling that everything is just going to blow in an instant, i think i even had a dream about it.....
  2. its human nature to think about death and afterlife.
  3. i think about life.
  4. I've had dreams where family member die in some tragic accidents. And sometimes where I shote myself in the Doom but never dreams that explain why , and sometime I just think about it and zone out.
  5. Me tooooo!

  6. As do I.:)
  7. I'v thought it about it sober and high, but why waste your life thinking about what it will be like when you dont have one?
  8. I do but it doesn't have such a morbid meaning when I'm baked.
    Because most people don't know they died, it happens too fast and since everything that "exists" is subjective to each person, nothing exists anymore because your consciousness is gone. At least that's just me..
  9. ya i think about it sober and high, but when i am high i hit a deep note of thinking.

    I wonder about what kind of impression I will make with my (short) lifetime on earth, how much of the world i can positively impact, and if being religious is worth my time (as bad as that can sound).

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