Death Note

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  1. Anyone else think a Open-World game based on Death Note would be pretty cool?
    Main Campaign+Lots of side missions. You pretty much walk around with the Death Note in your hand.

  2. I kinda get that feeling from jus killing anyone anytime in a open world game, concept is good jus dunno how they'd make that into a fun entertaining game that does justice to the show, some game adaptions are good- look at naruto but with death note that's tricky Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. True,I feel like it has so much Potential like some where in the game you have the option to get the shingami eyes,and it reduces your HP and you can play as Ryuk/Shinigami I think it'd be pretty sweet
  4. It would be worse than the anime.
  5. People thought the same way before Naruto had games like he does now.
  6. Those are atrocious too.
  7. I don't see myself (or most anyone) enjoying a game where you have to write the name of every person you want to kill.
  8. Really though, there's a lot more deserving series in need a good game than Death Note. It's 10 years old and only highly rated because it's entry level. The gameplay, even if strategy or mysterious would revolve around names which isn't appealing and doesn't provide a good base.
  9. I agree it needs more than just names.But it does sound pretty badass though...maybe it could work if it was like a prequel?or a sequel to Death Note.A different story with side missions and the death note you use only has maybe 18 pages?
    Lol.Im sure there would be a way around that.Like Instead of writing it down You have a "Quick Kill" option.Im open to the idea if done right I could see this being a great game if the mix it up and maybe Put some Hacking elements along with the Death Note.Idk How they would do the hack portion of the game though,but I could see it being a way to get people's names and stuff 

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