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death from mj?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by totsetokeit, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. why has this propaganda come to the city?
    hmm lets see

    name is above the influence- company owned by alcohol and drug companies to get u to buy thier product
    said brother smoked a whole "pack of marijuana cigarettes" hahahahaha
    and that would be like 20 js? and how much thc do u need to die? is that even possible? (the answer is no)

    o and of course we'd see through your bullshit, its crazy that a company would go so far as to spread bull in a forum thats committed to the love of it. also using a scare tactic of death is an awfully manipulative and asshole-ish way to spread your opinoin, try starting with the truth and build an argument around that

    f this kinda shit we should never have to deal with idiotic guilt trips from anyone

    P.S. seriously kill yourself because you help no one and lead a false life
  2. So, is there point to this thread?
  3. Holy hell, you haven't posted since Oct 2005! And then this?! LOL.
  4. hahaha hes mad high prolly:cool:
  5. Wasn't that just one thread? Besides, who cares, any body with a logical brain knows no body can die from "smoking to much weed and ODing on THC". You would pass out long before you die from "overdosing" :rolleyes:

    Nice come-back topic too :smoking:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Lol in that thread he said he smoked a whole pack of marijuana cigs. 20 jays? and then he said the paramedics found 3 times the lethal dosage of thc which is hella pounds. hahaha what a dumbass.
  8. Wrong. There is a lethal dose, but it's been estimated that you would need to smoek roughly 100 pounds am inute for 15 minutes in order to induce it. Can you die from marijuana overdose? Yes. Is t ever going to happen? No.
  9. yeah, idk, maybe kid already had somethin wrong w/ him and it set it off, prolly not an overdose though, but the name aboveinfluence, hm....

  10. might as well say you cant ;)

  11. then your no better than that aboveinfluence guy...
  12. Are you guys that high lol it was a joke account and joke post
  13. We know this.
  14. Your a towel.
  15. What the fuck is going on
  16. Chill, I saw the thread that you are referring to. It is depressing that someone would go to such lengths just to lie. To overdose on pot is near impossible, you need to smoke pounds within a small spectrum of time. I remember one night when I tried to get as baked as possible. I can safely say that you become so high after enough THC that it is physically impossible to smoke anymore. I reached that point, and by the time I rolled away from the bong (Which was being lit for me), my limbs were moving back in forth to the music, and my vision became darkened intensely. Sorry...went off there...
  17. Plus Mary Jane wouldn't hurt a fly, murder just isn't in her nature.
  18. Agreed. You can die from too much of anything. Even fruits and vegetables. The trick is, everything in moderation.
  19. I read somewhere you would have to smoke 500 1 gram joints in a minute.

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