dear mom.

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  1. Someday, when you look back on it all…
    That's when it will hit you.
    That's when you will realize it.
    That your generation and my generation are completely different.
    That alcohol is just as much a gateway drug as nicotine is as anything is.
    In fact, drinking water, led me to drink juice, which led me to drink soda which led me to drink alcohol.
    Speaking of which…
    Alcohol is fine and legal, so are cigarettes. Would you rather have me do that on my free time?
    Just b/c of the hurt that drugs caused your brother and yourself does not classify me into the same definition. Instead of blaming weed that led to meth that led to his death…
    Why not instead look at the fact that your mother left, he was forced to keep a noble lie in order for you to grow up somewhat normal. I am not your brother, I have a caring loving family which I love in return, but find it inhospitable due to the flawed logic which you repeatedly shove in my face to which I repeatedly just remain quiet taking the punishment, because I'd rather not make you hurt anymore than you do. Im sorry if my only habit may be smoking weed. But it sure is a hell of a lot better than being an alcoholic. You raised your son well, and I am a strong, capable, and talented individual. I refuse to let you misinterpret this situation any longer. What will happen if it is legalized?? What then? Will I still not be allow ombined and alone have killed more people than marijuana ever has. ed to? Hell you let me smoke cigarettes under your roof, even drink. And both of those. No, I still wont tell you where I get it from b/c you have probably met them, no I will not move to bigger better drugs, im not some dumbfuck druggie. Yes, maybe you should get your medical card, yes maybe all those anti anxiety pills are making you lose your mind. Yes it does “chill me out” and I'm sure it will do the same for you.
  2. you're young. your mom's generation is not so different from your own.
  3. I feel you man. Sounds to me like your mom has been through a lot of shit, most of which NO ONE should have to go through. I think that she, like nearly every parent out there, is just trying to do what's best for you. While often times what a parent thinks is "best" may not in fact be the best/the most reasonable/the most agreeable/etc, you have to acknowledge the fact that she is trying her hardest. As far as weed goes, my mother and I have never been on the same page. As much as I always hated how her reasons for being against weed were so ignorant and close minded and wrong, I made myself realize that she was only doing what she thought was in my best interest. If you can allow yourself to understand that, it can turn out to be a very heartwarming thought. It sounds to me like your mother chose to allow you to smoke and drink in her house so you wouldn't have to fight about that, so it seems fair that you let her have this one. Trust me I've been in a similar position to you. It makes a hell of a lot of sense to us when we argue that cigarettes and alcohol kill so many and somehow remain legal whereas weed is harmless and somehow is not, but not as much sense as their maternal instincts make to them. It's nice to see someone who is able to present a reasonable argument as apposed to some whiney illiterate shithead. I hope this helped you do a little venting. Soon enough you'll be living on your own and will have the freedom to do whatever you decide to do.

    Keep your head up
  4. I like the ideas presented. And I like your idea to write it to your mom. Here's how mine would go:

    You did a great job raising me. I am independent and humble, intelligent and well rounded. I can handle myself socially, physically, and emotionally, which is more than I can say for your other children. Sure, I make mistakes. I forget to empty the dishwasher. I procrastinate. Some might say I'm too smart for my own good. And as you well know, I hate to be wrong.
    You raised me in a way that created an unbound passion for the unknown within my soul. If I ever didn't know something, I would look it up. This distinguished me from many of my peers. Another distinguishing factor, at least in your eyes, was the fact that I was booze and drugs free. And up until college, I certainly was. Sure, I knew a hell of a lot about substances. I knew more than a sober person should ever know. And I had a few friends who were into substance use as well. You didn't like the idea, but you trusted me.
    Then, I went to college. I knew you didn't want me experimenting with anything. It had been like that my entire childhood. I was sheltered. And you continue to try to shelter me.
    I'm writing to ask you to stop. Please let me experience the world that you raised me to be curious about. Please let me drive to Boston. Please let me figure out my own summer job. Please let me stay out past 2 in the morning. Please understand that marijuana will not kill me or make me behave like an addict.
    I started smoking only after looking into its scientific data. I certainly wasn't going to ingest something that would give me meth mouth or track marks. I wanted to know my shit. Once I started smoking, I wanted to learn everything about it: the science, the culture, the lingo. I wanted to immerse myself in the experience. So I purchased a bowl.
    I took forever to choose my bowl. I wanted the perfect one. I wanted it to be orange and blue. I found something close to what I was looking for and purchased it. I promised myself I would save it forever. Every stoner wants to have that first piece preserved. Well, I had to bring it home over Thanksgiving break so that Public Safety wouldn't find it in my dorm and confiscate it. I had it rolled up in a hanky in the media pocket of my backpack. Unfortunately, you didn't teach your male children that snooping around in an adult's stuff is wrong.

    Shit. I don't want to write the rest of this right now. TBC
  5. Something i would not say in mine, does your mom not care anymore?:confused:

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