Dear humanity.

Discussion in 'General' started by BluDreams, May 10, 2011.

  1. Nothing is going to happen on 2012.... stop it.

    .. In before 2012 debate ...:smoke:
  2. Implying anyone is stupid enough to believe that
  3. i learned in history class that the aztecs were wiped out by a few gun-totting spaniards. they couldn't have been that smart...

    just you wait. shit is gonna go happen.

    im super cereal

  5. Doomsday isnt real

    The fact that we are heading to shit is.

    If its on December 21, does it really matter?
  6. If these are the last days and 100-foot waves come crashing down
    I get some hash and pounds
    Pass around the bud then watch the flood
  7. Well I don't believe that anything will happen but I also don't believe that the Mayans made a mistake, or that we are more advanced than them today.

    I am happy in my ignorance because frankly...:confused_2:
  8. mmmhm...i may just be high all too often and paranoid, or the worlds going to shit. EVERYWHERE huge natural disasters are happening very frequently, the middle east is in chaos. Floods in the south, tornados in the south, FUCKING TSUNAMIS IN JAPAN, NUCLEAR MELTDOWN, mass starvation and poverty (its goin up if you think about all the 3rd world countries and ppl losing their jobs.) Ice melting....bunches of species becomign extinct, running out of unpolluted water

    Like.....trouble in the suete's...we didnt start the fiyaaaa. it was always burnin, since the worlds been turnin...wedindnt start the fire......

    sorry. But yes, all that shit, ice melting....the worlds fahked. Im getting a bomshelter/plane/boat/drilling machine and will survive this get me the president on the phone I have an idea to tell his most brilliant minds to design..(Fo realz...)
  9. Are we?
  10. Dear GC psychic,

    Can I have the lotto numbers for tomorrow?
  11. According to most, in my experience.
  12. 420

    PS. I am not a psychic :rolleyes: but rather a <<< Robot from a distance and time to far to describe.
  13. They didnt need multi-billion dollar telescopes or over paid scientists to know what they did, and we are still discovering all the amazing things they knew.

  14. Well maybe if they did they wouldn't have been so worried about 2012?
  15. Who said they were worried about it?

    For that matter, who the fuck said it was a doomsday theory? Its the end of an age, not the end of humanity you paranoid morons (not you, the doomsday people)
  16. something is going to happen... the galactic core, our sun and earth will all make a nice little line with each other.

    obviously resulting in the death of everything
  17. I don't think we will see much progress on that in our lifetime, considering the emphasis we put on technology and depleting our natural resources.

    That alone makes me wonder if they eventually took things overboard too. It is our nature after all.

    Coral Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I want to check this place out when I'm in the US later this year.
  18. This is better, ^^^ like an enlightening.
  19. Ah yes, this is the man that claimed he knew the secret of the pyramids, right?
  20. Ill get your mesaage to humanity right away.

    But seriously it seems pretty doubtful that the world is going to up and kill us on 2012.
    I will say this though, if anyones familiar with any of the prophecies in the bible then these are some pretty interesting times. Seeing as most of them are sort of falling into place as far as israel getting the holy land and natural disasters suddenly happening much more often than usual. Pretty interesting stuff actually

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