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dear footbag

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rawkintah1982, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. so you come onto this forum saying prove to me cannabis kills cancer, cause it simply not true, oh and before you respond make sure you credible references to give. seeing as i didn't actually give any to support the claim i am making.
    lets go with this. Cannabis does not prevent cancer. it can it doesn't what it really comes down to is weay beyond thc. but in CBD 9 especially. thus Charlottes web. okay CBD or cannbadiol is the component within marijuana where a majority of the health benefits are found. one being that cbd causes apoptosis in malignant nervous cells. apoptosis is a function is every cell that basically is the catalyst for a cell to know when to start dying. cannabis causes malignant cancer cells to go into apoptosis. so yeah cannabis cures cancer.
    now if you look at cure unfortunately there is no cure for cancer because a cure would imply after treatment the cancer is completely gone. seeing as a majority of people who had actually used cannabis to treat their cancer have had recurances that's not what i called cured. but it eleminates cancer without the need of poisoning yourself to the brink of death so i would say it's the closest treatment option we have to a cure.
    just google the woman in australia who treated her skin cancer with a cannabis topical, A TOPICAL FOR CHRISTS SAKE, within a matter of twelve days. TWELVE DAYS. anyone with any understanding of the biology behind cancer would know this is HUGE. for you to come onto a forum and force people to do your research for you is just sad. now do your own research and show me why cannabis does not work for cancer treatment beyond treating the nausea from chemo. cause you can look up my claim and confirm them but you will have a hard time refuting them. hell the university of madrid showed several studies that cannabis is sufficient for treating cancer in 2001. youre very behind on your information footbag gold member.

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