Dealing with the insignificance and meaningless of life

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  1. What are some ways you all have learned to deal with this sad truth. Thinking of how many species are potentially out there and more advance than us makes me feel like there is nothing i can do to advance my own. Meditation has been comforting...anything else?:smoke:
  2. Doesn't really bother me.

    While my life may be meaningless in the grand scheme of things, my life is NOT meaningless to me......and that's really all that matters.
  3. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life.
    Make every second count.
  4. personally, for me its always a love hate relationship that i have with myself and people in general. i see so much potential in us all as a whole if we combined our minds to achieve amazing things. instead its been reduced to driving around in metal boxes and barely ever stopping to say hello to your fellow neighbor.

    sometimes just the very idea of life being 'meaningless' brings meaning to me because there is so much in life out there, yet there's very little we can do as individuals in the grand scheme of things. don't know if that makes sense but to me it does :)
  5. Life is only meaningless to those who expect it to be universally meaningful.
  6. this^
  7. Perhaps there is meaning that we cannot comprehend because we are but a minuscule part of the bigger picture, a picture so large that our minds can't even comprehend that it exists.
  8. If life is so insignificant and meaningless why worry about it?
  9. meaning and not meaning are not that important.

    do not the sunrises take away your breath? do the stars not fill you with wonder? do your own thought patterns not intrigue you?

    there is beauty all around us, meaningless, chaotic beauty.
  10. It's not sad at all.
    Life being meaningless and without morality gives a whole lot of possibilities to create your own meaning and to do what you really like to do but without affecting the freedom of others :p
  11. There are too many "life is meaningless" threads. We need a "Life is Meaningful" thread and sticky that shit.
  12. life is a paradox. life is completely meaningless, when truly considered, everything i do has meaning if nothing matters....

    or that's how i thinks bout it :smoke:
  13. life is such mind fuckery I have no concern with reasons why,

    only interested in seeing the mindfuckery and being in awe
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    Just get blazed and think about how freaking insane everything in the whole universe is. I'll give you an excerpt from one of my logs when I was super gone:

    See that thing that just happened? It is, was, still might be and definitely has been. I’m not sure what it was, but whatever it was or had been, it was recognized in some way somehow, so it must have been something which was at some point involved in something else and possibly everything, in fact definitely everything if you wanna think of it that way, and you might as well consider it to be part of the sum of everything, affecting everything as some general chain of physical causes that are all contributing and perturbing and influencing each other, and it is, and it always will be, and always has been a member or part of everything, for the sake of this thought experiment and every other thought experiment, which has always been continuously landing right here, right now, and is still landing and notifying us of its presence as we speak and experience the world, because why not?

    lolll so basically.....why not? Might as well do stuff for the insanity of itself and experience things within the context of ourselves benefiting subjectively from them, until we milk those experiences 'til their ends. Kind of like buying a subscription to a gym, a video game, magazine, etc., except on a grander scale. You just enjoy it while it lasts.
  15. The present. It's all there is, therefore all I have.
  16. True meaninglesness, the "ultimate meaninglesness of life" is something that one my cry , or laugh at .
    But never truly ignore. In crying or laughing at it is the key. In so doing, Woody Allen made a living out of it.
  17. To me meaning and significance don't exist in a universal point of view, in fact they're nothing more than an illusion, but on a personal level, there are things that have true meaning to me, probably not to other people, but that's the point, meaning and signifigance is an illusion outside of the "experience"(you).
  18. Life is what you make it. If you think it is insignificant and meaningless, it will be.
    You need to understand that just because we are not playing a role on a cosmic level, that does not make us unimportant.
    Consider, for a moment, the vast grandiosity of the universe. It is expansive beyond all measure or comprehension -- perhaps even infinite. We are so unbelievably, insanely lucky to have had the chance to be a part of the human experience. Life is amazing, our mother Earth is amazing, there is beauty in everything. Perhaps the only real way to live a meaningless life is to be ungrateful for the profoundly incredible gift that has been given to you.
  19. The insignificance and meaninglessness of life has actually liberated me.
    Knowing that nothing has to mean anything makes me always feel okay.
    Most people think it's a very depressing thought, but that's because they are insecure and ignorant to the beauty of it all.

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