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Dealing with police

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuniorToker, May 8, 2011.

  1. So lets say i was coming back from a party walking, or in a cab, very close to the party, or i was outside of the party waiting for a cab. A cop shows up. Is it probable cause to search my bag because i was at the party? I am wondering when i have to let them search. I live in Canada btw, i don't know if that changes anything.
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    I'm not sure about Canadian laws, but in the USA an officer needs probable cause in order to search you. You have the right to deny that search if the officer doesn't have probable cause, once you deny the officer permission to search then the officer must either allow you to go free or try or get a warrant (he needs to have a reason to believe you have illegal items on you). If you're just standing there, chances are he won't search you. You have the RIGHT to say "no, I do not consent to any unlawful searches without probable cause" if he asks to search you.

    The only way he can possibly have probable cause is if he sees you pull something out of your bag when he arrives. Other than that, the officer has no reason to believe you're doing anything wrong. If you're just standing there when he arrives, and he asks to search you, you have the right to deny because he doesn't have probable cause/a reason to search you.
  3. Unless your drinking underage or smell like marijuana the officer should have no probable cause to search you.

    That doesn`t mean he wont though.
  4. laws and rights dont mean shit to the police they can make up any reason to search your person. the best thing you can do when dealing with the pigs is call them sir and be very respectable to them
  5. He makes a good point ^ cause even if you don't do anything wrong he can still want to search you. Like I said, if you haven't done anything wrong just assert your RIGHT and say "no, I do not consent to any unlawful searches without probable cause." If he starts using physical force allow him to, but if he tries to use the weed/paraphernalia he found on you in court file a motion to dismiss the evidence because he got it from you illegally without probable cause!
  6. They are supposed to need probable cause, but if that was the case then they wouldn't be able to tell you came from the party unless you smelled like drugs and were intoxicated. But if they want to search you they can.

  7. trying to prove that a cop got evidence illegally is very difficult to prove though as its your word vs a cops and we all know who's gonna win that battle

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