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  1. i have a question, i have a grow box and i've placed kitty litter at the bottom of the box and i putt fabric softener sheets covering my exaust fans, its still a bit smelly thow, anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. febreeze..scented oils, candles, insense
  3. Carbon filter, Ionizer, or CO3 ozone filter.
  4. get carbon they sell in pet stores and i heard on this forum somewhere that you put it in a panty hose or something and that does the trick if you have vents in the box
  5. Carbon filters are the way to go, buy it or build it. I built one using activated carbon, no smell at all none zero!
  6. i use a window wit a fan suckin in mine
  7. man it is so good to here someone taking good advice on my odor killing techniques,,,,, the panty hose is mine,,,my little contraction,,, o.k. dude lets go,,,,,,,,,,,,,first you need to get some CARBON ACTIVATED CHARCOAL,,, when its activated they induce it to oxygen,,,,, now if it aint carbon activated it is useless for anything ,,, man i got company ill post here later,,,,, check out my thread "" making a home made carbon filter"""fuck it they can wait,,,,, get the charcoal put it in some pantyhose one leg will make 2 sets,,, tie it at both ends and hang it from the roof right above your canopy,,,,,,,, lowes sells a carbon activated sheet that you cut to size ,,, now you can take this and strip it up and hang it in front or behind your fan ,, airs either sucked into it or blew threw it,,, or strip it up and hang it from the cieling,,,, id go on on on on but i got company ,,, see ya
  8. allright i can continnow,,,, this carbon activated shheet im talking about can be found where the a.c. vents are sold,,,, they are made to lay over your existing,,normal a.c. vent,,, they are only a 1/4 '' thick if that,,,,they get the odors out of the air and let fresh air enter your a.c. unit,,,,,its about 20''by40'' just cut out what you need for your application,,,,,, if you use cat litter,,,make sure it contains,,,a charcoal element for odor elimination,,,,anything else is just a deoderizer,,,,,,the cat litter will work,,, it would be like a quick fix,,,,,, arm and hammer baking soda will help also... and if your humiditure is too high it can help adjust that also,,,,usually when you worry about smell,,is in flowering the same time you really scrutinize your humidity so your buds dont mold,,,,, so its a win win in flowering stage ,,,there are many methods,,, im sure this will give you a start,,,,use your head all that store bought carbon scrubber crap can be made by YOU,,,,really smell is the least of your problems,,,, its so easy to control,,,,,,, now get some bugs and we got a problem........ peace hope it helps you and all who read it....

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