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Dealing With Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by garrison68, May 27, 2012.

  1. I've written about this before here. I live in a multi-dwelling building, and have this old immigrant couple living upstairs, they bring their grandchildren over and let them run wild, they have no carpeting - which is bad enough but there are huge crashes that sounds like they're throwing bowling balls on the floor. They drag and drop furniture, all kinds of shit. I've tried talking to them, they're totally uncooperative and claim that as long as it's not past 10 PM, they can do whatever they please. There are incidents when my electric lights flash because of the impact against the ceiling from their floor. It's not every day, but a couple of days a week, sometimes more. At night, after 9 PM, they're usually pretty quiet.

    I've tried blasting music, loud sound effects, and other methods that didn't work very well. So, the other day I went to a hardware store and bought a large, hard, heavy rubber mallet, with a head that is 32 ounces. They were at it again on Friday, and a few strong strikes against the wall near, but not against, the ceiling, worked wonders. It must sound to them like the walls are going to come down. They've been a lot quiter since I did that - and if they complain to the landlard I'll just say that I'm hanging pictures or something. Anyway, it's a lot better and I hope I don't have to use the "weapon" again, but I will if they persist.
  2. Blast loud music back at them in retalliation and tell them you can do whatever you want it's not past 10pm
  3. Haha, that's great. You have to give the mallet a name.
  4. "yes. i need a giant black rubber mallet please"
    "right away sir"
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    Novel idea: communicate with them

    Edit: Since you tried talking to them...

    they can't name noise if they're dead, you feel me?
  6. okies go get a saw an cut a hole into there apt so whenever
    they get way to freakishly loud u can pop ur head threw an scream
    "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" >=<
  7. [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']Novel idea: communicate with them[/quote]

    He tried. Arrogant neighbors. Fuck em up with the mallet!
  8. LMFAO he puts a picture of the mallet.

    just blast some 12gauge rounds up threw your ceiling. they're immigrants anyways nobody will care you are doing this country a favor. good day sir.
  9. Quick update - since I first responded to noise by hammering very hard near the ceiling a couple of months ago, there has been a vast improvement in their behavior and that of their grandchildren. I swung it really hard, and struck about five times in a row. When it hit it must have rattled their floor, walls and furniture.

    When talking and being nice doesn't work, you have to use another method to let people know you're not playing around - and this did exactly that.
  10. hahhaha
  11. call immigration services
  12. this thread should be bumped because I find it hilarious
  13. Haha awesome you handled it about as professionally as you could have. I hope it works.
  14. wow too funny, fucked up on their part though. glad you showed them how it felt, some people don't get it until they experience it for themselves.
  15. They've got a vacant apartment above them now, which is being totally renovated and I can hear the workers - it's very noisy, must be almost unbearable right below it, but that won't last much longer until the new tenant moves in. Hopefully, they will get some fucked up upstairs neighbors that will give them a taste of what it's like. I'd switch to the vacant apartment above them, it's the same layout as the one I have, but the rent is probably double what I'm paying, because of the improvements and the fact that I've been in this apartment for a long time and the rent increases are regulated.
  16. Hey mr heckles
  17. I have to deal with this shit every day. Thats why im up so early on a saturday. Sadly the rubber mallet theory didnt work for me. The people above me and their kid only got louder, and they called the cops on me and my roommate for banging. It was bullshit, the cops came twice for us banging, we said it wasnt us both times that its the people above, being mad loud. they said if they get called again one of us is getting arrested for breach of peace. bs
  18. I had neighbors like that once only it was every day. One day I punched the ceiling a bunch of times right next to my door. It was underneath their door too. Any ways after I punched the ceiling loudly four times I heard their door open, I geeked out and laughed for a while.

    They quit making noise after that tho.

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