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  1. Hey GC...

    Tonights been a crazy one, bad and worse. My family has gone to shit and me and my moms relationship is at its worst. It went from yelling to her hitting me to me pushing her off me and her going crazy and me calling names and it just wasnt good. On top of that i just am upset about this girl and the drama between me and her is just a whole different story of bullshit. All this happened in the same night and this has been building up for ever now and now i feel like im at a tipping point and i don't know what to do. I feel depressed and im just so down right now and i don't know what to do with myself. All these emotions inside of me are just exploding and i cant grasp control of myself and my tears. If anyone has had a similar expierence or just can share some tips i would greatly appreciate it as im just venting in this forum right now and i dont even know man...:(
  2. dont worry man you'll be okay :)
  3. Keep a positive attitude,thought process,outlook in general.hold in there my friend even after the darkest night dawn always comes with a new day
  4. Everything gets better man, start by fixing the relationship with your mom.A simple sorry goes a very long way.Youl be okay man, everyone has these times.
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    Hey man, I know I'm probably going to sound really cliche right now but just try to hear me out. Life throws tons of bull shit at you and it's going to sting but you just have to be tough enough to get through the bad times to get to the good times. No matter how far of a stretch it seems just try and keep in mind that you'll be over all this soon. Life goes on and this is just going to be a memory.
    Just stay strong and know the best times are on their way.

    (haha looks like poundfarmer has the right idea too :)! )
  6. yeah..i'm going through that right now to, to feel better i always listen to music, happy music, try don't worry be happy by bobby mcferrin that always makes me feel better
  7. Cheer up, Buttercup.:cool:
  8. I've dealt with depression for about the last year and a half so I can understand what you are going through. Just remember that you have to get through the hard times for some good to happen. Nobody goes through life where good things always happen. And these hard times and how we act in these hard times is what defines us. The person that we are when we face adversity is where good qualities submerge from a lot of the time. You just have to keep breathing because someday life will be worth living again. And if you have a hobby(music is mine) just immerse yourself into it. It helps a lot. Anyways hope this helps man!!!!! And feel free to PM me if you need to talk or whatever. Remember you are not alone. Keep your head up.
  9. Fuck bitches, get money, smoke weed.
  10. I've dealt with depression for about the last 10 years. It started when I was in high school and I didn't get along well with my parents either. Pretty much everything you can do to treat depression I've done, stress management, talk therapy, medications ect. So far the only thing that has really helped to get rid of it completely is medication. My advise would be to go see a psychologist first because they'll be able to help you deal with the stuff in your life that could be causing the depression. If it comes down to it they can also get a doctor to prescribe you some medication.

    You don't have to be on the medication forever, sometimes I get on medication just because the depression has gotten so bad that I can't remember what it is like to be happy, then the medication lets me experience happiness again and I can quit taking it and be find for awhile.

    Other than that try and keep a positive outlook on everything that happens in your life, you still have a long life ahead of you and things will start changing in your life where you'll have more control and be able to make decisions that make you happier.
  11. Fuck the stay positive outlook, embrace your anger, embrace your feelings - let them overwhelm you and then deal with it. You gotta assess your life, assess what is making you feel this way and then change it for the better. You don't sound depressed, you sound like your having a bad time right now - hopefully it will pass, but if it doesn't then you need to start doing something about it. Maybe smoke some weed to mellow out, but make the distinction between mellowing out and avoiding your problems.

    Family troubles? That sucks man, look at the situation and see if you can do anything to make it better - if you can't, your gonna have to just adapt.

    Girl troubles? Fuck that man, I promise you 2 years from now you won't miss that girl.

    Trust me on this one man.

  12. Listen to this guy^

  13. Listen dude if you are being abused by your mom, tell someone...I took me years to call the police on my abusive alcoholic father. Trust me dont wait get your life back, you shouldnt have to deal with your mom abusing you fuck that bitch

  14. That bolded line really hit me, thanks man. Idk why but i 100% agree with that and i don't know why i never saw it that way.

    To everyone who has replied in this thread i cant express what it means to me readin these posts the morning after it put a smile on my face and i love you all.
  15. cannabis is truly amazing for depression.
  16. Fix'd...

    As far as solving mental issues, cannabis helps insofar as it makes one apathetic towards the problems that we all have. Just like anti-depressants. Neither of these things sort out whatever is bothering you. In order to sort it out, one has to change the root cause of the problem, be it money, family issues or whatever.
  17. been goin through that my whole life mann. But i bottled my emotions . didnt let em . show, i dont even think i can cry. last time i cried was like 6 yeaars ago. but anyways. Smoking helsp ALOT . so pack anotha bowl :smoking:

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