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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bilbreezy, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Seem to take foreverr! When they say 10 minutes it actually means an hour. Do you have this problem with dealers in your area?
  2. Yeah of course, we just usually leave 15 minutes after they say they will be there and it usually works out.
  3. you should probably rename the title of this thread to 'People'
  4. True that.
  5. They are providing a want, not a need.
    Most dealers have normal things to do also.
  6. or "Americans" :rolleyes:
  7. lol dont act like youre all hard because youre a dealer you probably move a zip in like 2 weeks and you think your a tough guy.
  8. and why would i put "americans" or "people" this doesn't have anything to do with that.
  9. #9 iPwnF00lz, Apr 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 17, 2009
    Seriously bilbreezy, what the fuck is your problem? Calm down, no one said or even hinted to them dealing, let alone "act like they are hard or a tough guy".

    I really wish you would not waste your time and ours posting here creating pointless hate and arguments. It's becoming very irritating seeing your posts one after another repeat the same hate and negativity you always post.

    Please stop or leave gc because it's not accepted here.

    They were trying to be nice to you by telling you to change the title from dealing to something else, to help you form not getting banned for talking about drug dealing. Because it is against the rules.
  10. Yeah I get really pissed off when I keep myself waiting.
  11. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  12. your great bro!

    .... and its so you wont find someone else cause he really knows its gonna be about 30min and pot heads arent gonna want to wait they usually know ten other people who can get it.
  13. yea my dealer and i were suposed to meet at 4 yesterday so im there at 4 and he says 4:30. what was the heck was i supposed to do for the next half hour!
  14. Punctuality is important in any business.
  15. this^

    keep in mind that it's not his job to drop everything hes doing and bring you your weed the minute you call. Dealers have lives too.

    Imagine if you were just trying to hang out with your friends, girlfriend, or whoever, and people keep hitting you up every two minutes cause they want weed. I say from past experience that it is extremely annoying.
  16. My source is great I buy all my stuff a oz at a time. Just walk in his house get my stuff and leave. once every 3 - 4 weeks.

    Maybe if you were a bit older you would have a decent connection.
  17. Not one single post in this thread hints that anyone is a dealer?

    To be completely honest, you're a fuckhead...:wave:
  18. Everyone I know in my town deals out their houses too. I love it

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