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Dealers will stopped answering

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoner099, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. I have 2-3 dealers that I hit up usually. Recently all of them have stopped answering. I asked my friend to text one of them and they didnt answer him either. What could cause this?

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  2. 1. busted by cops
    2. theyre ignoring you
    3.joined the circus
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  3. They could have quit dealing, or they could have lost their phones. Only they could tell you for sure.
  4. 4. They're throwing a party, and you awkwardky were not invited.
    5. They might be planning a surprise party for you.
    6. They hate your guts.
    7. They accepted God in their lives and have taken up the cross, following a path of bliss.
  5. They could be dry and have no reason to answer
  6. In my experience people usually tell you they're dry. But then again there could be infinite reasons they aren't answering. I've been to like 10 different people in the last year, never one person for long.
  7. I also would like to reiterate what was said above about losing their phone.

    My connect loses his all the damn time lol
  8. I dont know. I've seen kiddo dealers on mommy&daddys phone plan and other guys its a new $10 buck tracfone every few months. How long is recently? Could you have said something to piss them off? Do they seem like the kind of people who would lose their cock if it wasnt attached?
  9. I go to school will them and one of thems in one of my classes and we are chill and talk all the time and i ask him if he can hook me up amd he says yeah then i text him on the weekend he doesnt answer

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