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Dealers Prices.. Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokin7, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. He said 7 gs of "high mids" for 55$. First off is this a good deal? But anyway I agreed and said I couldn't buy it till next week, so he says "well the price will problably go up since I'm holding it for you" and he said it depends on how much he has left. Is this fair to raise the price?
  2. Yeah that's a decent price west coast and amazing price on the east coast. i'd pick up.
  3. He's a dealer? If so, him raising the price for "holding it" is bullshit. When you go back don't give him a dime over $55. If he isn't a dealer and is just doing you a favor it wouldn't be too unreasonable(imo) because that's money he can't touch until you buy it....which he could get quicker by selling it to someone else.
  4. Its not a horrible price, not great either. No way I would pay more for someone holding something for me. Of coarse I wouldn't ask them to hold anything a week either.
  5. i could see why he would raise the price. say he has an ounce and he payed 175 for it. then he sells the first 2 people for 50 a quarter because he has alot. then he sells the next 2 for 60 because he has less and he sold it for cheaper when he had more. i mean its not good dealing practice to raise prices as you run lower but it makes economical sense
  6. Where I live I pay $100-130 for a quarter
  7. Depends on what kinda "high mids" they are. Around here in the midwest, high mids are about 35 40 a quad and still nasty. Not worth it imo

    And yea that's horse shit a "dealer" is charging you extra to hold it. Isn't that all a dealer does??
  8. Doesnt sound like this guy is much of a dealer.. He wouldnt be "holding" anything for you if he was picking up regularly like most dealers do! Him telling you price will rise is him trying to get you to buy it now. This guy seems shady and if you dont know what youre doing or agree to stupid stuff like this, he will take you like this every chance he gets.
  9. well for a quarter of beaster what will be a great price for you? how much do you pay?
  10. lol @ holdin it for xtra cash....he aint no dealer....cuz HE AINT GOT ENUFF.....these part time hustlers mannn......smh...makein the rest look bad...but yeah man if its thaat good it aint a a baaaad deal.....HA!
  11. Can't really get mids here. Its either commercial or top shelf. Commercial runs me $100/oz, dank $150/oz
  12. Can't really get mids here. Its either commercial or top shelf. Commercial runs me $100/oz, dank $150/oz
    </blockquote>Ok and where do you live? I'm gonna look up these prices and if it's true I'm moving down there

    DowntownClownFrown DowntownClownFrown

  13. #13 Doc-J, Jun 4, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
    It is more about who you know than where you live in most cases, the higher up the food chain you go the better prices can be. When I am out of my stash I buy directly from growers who also happen to be friends. I live near Knoxville, tn . On the same token I've seen people pay as much as $20/g, I just refer to pay that much for something that cost next to nothing to produce.
  14. 7 grams for fucking 55? Take that shit. Here in Jersey it's fucking 45-60 for just a mere 3.5 grams. 
  15. if you wanted dank out here in cali for 7 grams you would have to pay 70 dollars. and him raising the price for holding it is somewhat reasonable. my main connect goes through two ounces in just a couple days, a lot of times i go over to get weed and hes dry but he just re up like 1 day ago, shit is crazy

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