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Dealers dealing .8 for 10 dollars wtf?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. In my area, no one deals whole g's. When i buy, i get .7-.8 and .9 if its my friend.

    This is every dealer in my area, and i feel this is bullshit.

    Does this mother fuckin retardedness happen in ur area?

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  2. LOL. Fuck no,here we get g's and stuff. We don't get fucking .something unless it's an extra  :yay:
    Canada FTW.
    Don't get 10 dollars of weed then.
  4. In my area, you're lucky if you get .6 for 10 bucks. A whole gram is easily 20 but my old dealer would hook it up with an extra .2 or .3

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  5. You're getting ripped off because you're dealing with morons, find some real distributors to acquire your herbal needs from
  6. What region are you living in where someone can't even get you so much as an eighth? Certainly not the continental US, I would think.
  7. Im from Canada as well

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  8. why u only buyin dimes 
  9. Man back 5 years ago, we used to get .6 for $10 (In California!). Thanks to the MMJ boom, prices are more reasonable (although more sub-par product is out). But still, in other places, grams cost $20. Be thankful you get close to a gram for 10, or find a new dealer. Not that hard
  10. Dude if its dank be happy that mean a g is like 15
  11. Why don't you just actually buy a gram lol
    Where I'm at it's $15 per G, $50 per 1/8, $100 for a 1/4, etc...
    Buy in weight lol
  12. Describe your "area". Then perhaps your description will reveal the answer to yourself. 
  13. that retardedness only happens when you buy 10 bags like an 8th grader.

    I buy in weight increments therefore there is no question about whether or not im getting what i paid for.

    .8 is what to expect when dealing with a dealer who sells bags. I dont think my dealers even sell bags. And if they do they probably sell .8. When i was in high school it was .7 in the hood.

    When i was like 14 and i bought bags i just told the dude i needed the full gram for ten or no go.
  14. I've never weighed weed in my life.
  15. #16 Sativa Hangover, Jun 22, 2013
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    I've been getting quarters(7g) for $25 recently. Usually it's around $60 for a half oz of reggie here.
  16. Sounds like some of the dealers I met when I took a trip to Canada for a few days. My recommendation: become good friends with a dealer who can sell more than dime bags. It sounds like you're maintaining relationships with real low level guys, if you want to be economically efficient you have to move up the ladder. They're fine if you're just in town for the weekend and need some bud, but if you live there you need someone more reliable.
  17. call them out lol, "hey man i asked for a gram not. 8"
    that simple
  18. No one sells whole grams in your area?  I'm a skeptic.  You must be talking a fellow smoker into selling you a few crumbs of their stash. Be patient, save your allowance, keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut and soon you will connect. Welcome to cannabaland.
  19. A half ounce cost more than two quarters? 60 > 25+ 25....?

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