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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by skateee, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. My dealer wants me to beat up a dude that stole his moped. I am thinking that he might get me some weed for helpin him out. Any suggestions?
  2. Don't do it. Its not crack. The herb is about love and peace
  3. I cant get over the Moped haha like does this said dealer deal on a moped? if he did i would beat that dude up and retrive the moped just so i could say my dealer deals on a moped
  4. Stealing mopeds isn't cool, but neither is beating people up for drugs so idk. :confused_2:
  5. This^^ come on op, it dont take a genius.
  6. your dealer pushin the mopad?
  7. You don't have to listen to any people here but I wouldn't do it. You could get in some serious trouble just for a little bit of weed.
  8. The reason why im debating it is because weve been good friends for the past 3 years
  9. Then why don't you just accompany him to retrieve the property back? No need to beat the other dude up, just make it clear to him that your friend has many friends that don't appreciate thieves/bullies. :smoke:
  10. I would do it for a quarter
  11. your dealer used to be riding so GD clean [​IMG]
  12. Noo, you'll be headed down a bad direction. Its not YOUR problem.
  13. Yeah im gonna be there with him. Hes the type of guy that could say hes gonna beat some one up, but sometimes doesnt. So its 50/50
  14. As others have said it's not your problem... On the other side helping your dealer out isn't that bad of an idea, but idk about stealing a moped back... lol
  15. Not sure what type of Moped he has, but don't overlook the many 600cc one's out there. Here is one example; :smoke:

  16. Your dealer needs to stop being a wuss and go retrieve his own moped.

    It's cool if you go with; but, dude needs to man-up and lead the charge.
  17. bro, your dealer sounds about 12.
  18. This thread is Gangsta.

  19. Dude, just get the moped back for him. Fuck beating the guy up. Get the moped and get blazed up fat. :hello:
  20. Get the moped back and sell it back to your dealer.

    Possession is 9/10ths of the law. :p

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