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  1. I normally keep to myself with my problems, but im having a real issue with my dealers not coming through. I understand you have lives of your own, but dont tell me your on ur way, or ull b here in 30 if ur not gonna even show. Id rather u tell me "fuck you i dont feel like selling to you tonite, even tho i have a full pound" than flake out on me, Especially when your my friend first and my dealer second.

    So here i am at midnight, fucked outta bud again since my guy waited till 1130 to say he wasnt coming instead of 2 hrs ago when he was already late, and then proceeded to tell me he was still coming for those 2hrs. agghh /rage sorry for the venting story, but its either this, or explain why i decided to break shit in my house. Any suggestions, since this will be a night where my insomnia wins via no bud?
  2. Find a new dealer and use this as a backup.

    I'm not a dealer by any means, but I do have better connections than my two best friends do and that usually means I always hook them up. I feel its wrong for me to make money off them so I haven't, ever. Yet they always make me feel like I'm screwing them over or something, when im getting them the best dank they have ever had.

    I was getting much too depressed to even continue this so I just changed. I'll hook them up but i mean, i really let em soak first. I get weed all the time to smoke for myself and ill go for like a week without asking them to hang out or anything and then they will come to me saying they bought a shitty dub and how they want me to hook them up. Then I get praised for helping them out.

    Put it this way, you aren't making any money off buying from your dealer except getting weed, which could potentially be good or not, but don't kid yourself.. He isn't the only one who sells dank for good prices most likely. If you are having to constantly wait to buy from him or feel like you are inconveniencing him then back away and see how much your friend really cares.

    I had a good car buddy of mine start selling about a year ago and now every time he comes around he acts like my dealer. Yet he's younger than me, sells and smokes lesser weed than I smoke, and offers me shit I'm completely against. So i dropped him as a friend cause he has other priorities.
  3. :eek: damn dude that sux
  4. I have a similar problem, but its slightly different because i'm just having my friend middle-man my weed in exchange for a smokeup, since the guy who sells good shit lives like 5 miles away and I have no car.:D

    Just sucks because he's spoiled me by just straight coming to my house with a dank ass quarter, and now when he can't come through because he has his own life, I feel like i'm getting screwed when i'm actually not.:hello:

    As far as dealers who string you along go, those are just the ones who haven't learned how to do proper business yet. Fuck them, they can find other people to wait 3 hours in front of Home Depot for their shitty pot.

    It does suck when those are your only connections though. I absolutely HATE dealers who think that they're in the power position. Fuck that shit, without him I'll just be sober, without me(and a few others) he has no income.
  5. Sum great advice man thanks! I do have other ppl, but not many, i go to, but as of late it seems like ALL my gotos have had some issue, weather it be car troubles, not being free, or just not responding its just been a bitch these days to get a 20bag, let alone anything that lasts longer than a few hrs. I guess i diddnt need to get as riled up as i did, its just not only did i have a shitty/ dry day, im always a good friend to him too.
  6. It's just the way it is.

    Better luck tomorrow:smoke:
  7. One time my best dealer called me up about a shipment he got in of e. I drove an hour to get to his house excited to roll and ten minutes before I got there he flagged on me.

    I was a junkie at the time for coke so I threatened him with a crowbar.

    I love him now though, because in return to my threats and anger he gave me a shit load of weed and it got me started smoking and got me off cocaine. :) Yay weed
  8. So you threatened him with a crowbar and he gave you a lot of weed?

    How in the hell did that happen?
  9. Well I was getting what he was giving me for free since he owed me. When he flagged on me I got pissed since I knew he just didn't want to give me anything. I made him give me something.
  10. She's a chick, therefore she gets hooked up, assuming her dealer is a dude.

    My only dealer problem is when he's out for a few days, cuz I have no other dealers that give a shit to sell to me. The law enforcement is harsh, so People around here try to rip you off and act like your friend, and they know they can't rip me off cuz I'll weigh it before giving the cash. So my boy is the only guy i hit up, cuz I know i can trust him. Trust is key, especially when your dealing with lots of money.

    Reliability is a big thing to me because if I'm sober too long I get mad

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