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Dealer starting to feel shady

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by astrix3980, May 8, 2011.

  1. So I made a transaction for "some of the best bud Ive ever smoked" - quoted by my new dealer. Some strain called nebula. For one the strain looks legit as with the pictures on the internet but after i dropped 20$ for the .9 of a G he quickly calls as i'm leaving and insists that the weed is worth $30 and demanded that I either give him the full 30 which i ended up allowing him to take some of the bud to compensate for 20$ worth. Do some dealers do this in order to take advantage of their clients, or should i just smoke the bud and forget it?:confused:
  2. That is not normal at all...he must have suddenly been in a pinch for money or somthing but that sounds fishy
  3. Dude thats fucked. Once the deal is done the deal is done. He can't change his mind on price.

    Next time don't let him do that shit, you look like you got no balls right now, you're asking to get ripped off.
  4. why did you respond?
  5. Once you walk away from him the deal is done. He got away with it this time but if you plan on dealing with him again let him know that shit doesnt fly.
  6. That just sounds like straight up robbery.
  7. So you paid $30 for .9?
  8. Nope e paid $20 for like .6 or somthing, the guy took some bud back since he didnt have 10 more...seriously though you should have told him it was over, he didn't even give you the full g for $20 in the first place only .9 ugh.
  9. Damn I would not buy from that guy again if I were u :/
  10. Yah fuck that dude. Sounds like someone was 10 short on his rock
  11. man I would have told him to give me back the $20, fuck that shit.
  12. i woulda asked for refund right there on the spot and never bought from him again if he gonna fuck you over for 10 dollars imagine what he'd do in the future
  13. You let him take some of the bud to compensate after the deal was already done? What the fuck did you do that for?
  14. #15 astrix3980, May 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2011
    I am really Pissed off right now cause of this douche of a dealer. I cant really do anything about it except tell him to fuck off next time he tries to sell me some bud
  15. dude wtf??? find a new dealer asap...fuckin asshole he sounds like...imo dont deal with him if u have other connects, if hes stressing over $10 and .9 grams of weed he is a tiny little wanna be dealer who is most likely trying to just brea even and smoke for free.....fuck him, this makes me mad for some u bought a bag and he called u back like, i want another 10 for this or some of the bud back,...that is RIDICULOUS my brother...fuck that....:mad:

    smoke the bud and forget it...but dont deal wit him anymore, good dealers dont "take advantage of their clients" esp if u buy decent amounts off him....even still if its the best bud in the world he wants $30 for .9??? the more i think about this the more its frutrating me....i woulda given him the ten bucks and told him to fuck off and die...

    have a good night guys...bedtime...goodluck OP hope it all works out for u
  16. Dont be taken advantage of so easily.
    You sound like a scared puppy in your posts, no offense ;)

  17. I agree with you. I mean its 10$ so to me its not really all that big of a deal. But what pisses me off is he how trying to take advantage of me. Now i feel like i have no balls. Ego - 1000 points :(
  18. he expected $30 for .9 grams? come one man you have to realize how ridiculous that is. I know it's hard sometimes to find a reliable connect but this guy is just fucking you in the ass.
  19. live and learn dude. We all go through shitty dealers and most of us have gotten jipped or even had our money taken. Live and learn :smoke:

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