Dealer sketched out and ignores text

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  1. Hey guys, I met this dude who sells weed and I've had 2 transactions with him. First one was 1g just to check him out, and the second time I did a good deal with him and bought 10.5g.
    I know him through a friend of a friend, and every time I text him I say shit like ''hey its -----'s friend, how much for --g ?''
    Matter at hand : When I finished the 10.5g, I wanted to buy more, but I wanted a different kind of weed, some high THC sativa but I wasn't sure he knew what it was cuz he's a lazy crackhead. I text him :
    ''Yo its ----'s friend again, you got anything different than last time ?''
    And ever since, no answer, this was over a week ago and he was the best source for weed I had (he was nearby and punctual).
    You guys think he's sketched out or just forgot to text back ? It was a saturday night so he might've been high off his ass somewhere

  2. if hes just your normal dealer, its time to stop being random dudes friend. you are you. also hes probably not going to have a selection of strains, asking for a sativa or whatever is pointless most of the time. just hit him up again your just a customer. 
  3. Yeah, if I was the dealer I'd be like. Yeah, I got some new shit...and sell you the same old shit. Call him, I hate doing deals via text. 
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    I've known the guy for a month (only saw him twice), and we're not even on a first name basis, so I'm not sure if I can call him my ''normal'' dealer. 
    He doesn't remember who the hell I am (doesn't know my name, I don't know his either) so I have to give a name he knows, I was told that he doesn't sell to anybody outside his college or social circle.

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