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Dealer says "Exo"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jtonz, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Dealer says it is exotic, I don't know if I believe him, because he charged me 2.5g for $20 instead of the normal $20 for 3.0g

    What do you guys think? (Also, first time using macro, be nice)

  2. It could be I mean it looks frosty but it's kinda hard to tell.
  3. Really dense and dry as well.
  4. that's a great price to pay. The bud looks great
  5. Whatever it is it looks nice.
  6. $10 a gram for that is a really good deal.

    Kids in my town would try to act like thats dro and charge 20 a g for it haha.
    But you got a good deal.
  7. wow 20 for 3g?

    i would die for that 3.5 for 50 in soflo
  8. dude, that is dank, smoke up, i had some simillar stuff got me fucking baked........ smoke up, should b 20 a gram, u got a good connect...:smoking:
  9. around me, exos are below dank. but my friend picked up some so called exos that looked somewhat like that and were amazing. deffinately not regular exos.
  10. looks like some sexy bud. enjoy that :smoking:
  11. i wouldn't be complaining!!! :D smoke that up bro! :smoke:
  12. Shit got me ripped ,also, I've never bought weed for more than 15 a G at most haha, LetFireFall is right, I love living in Canada.
  13. woowww where do you get 3 grams for 20 dollars...that's amazing. I wish i lived there.
  14. It's called Canada, I've been getting 3 grams a week for 20..for like..a year now at least since I've started actually toking everyday.
  15. he might have meant inns because, indo is way denser than exos, which is just outdoor.
  16. wtf? $20 for 3.0g? i have never heard of that price for dank. you have a major hook up. good shit.
  17. that not that bad at all imo.
    that bud looks tasty:smoking:
  18. His guy means exo as exotic
  19. Looks like mine :smoking:
  20. wish i could get 2.5gs for assuming your in canada, you gotta be..or you got a hell of a connect looks like some nice dense dank..

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