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Dealer ripped me off !

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mostdopekidz, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So I was buying an ounce of baby dro for $150 and I only got 20 grams I tried to call him but he wouldn't answer so I texted him and still no answer finally he texted back saying that that's all he had an he'll give me $20 back I told him u should of told me that when I was buying ,now he saying that he gave me more then $150 worth and that I'm lying I sent him a pic of me weighing it so....yeah idk what to do idk if I'm tripping or what an ounce is an ounce(28grams) there mids usually $15 a g here in Texas what should I do ?
  2. baby dro?
  3. Call the police.
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  4. tell your mom. works every time for me lmao idk bro get some big guy to like get your money
  5. it was baby dro...did you really expect it to weigh as much as regular dro?
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  6. Ha no its not that I know the guy he goes to school with me I actually have him 7th period so I'm gonna confront him the thing I'm mad about is if u knew u only had 20 grams tell me ha I'm not a dumbass
    And yeah baby dro that's what we call it in Dallas it's usually mids I know there is no such thing usually dro is referred to hydro but idk
  7. Baby dro don't mean the nugs are smaller that just another name a idiot dealer want to call it and it doesn't matter "a ounce is a ounce"
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    Lets do some math here...

    An ounce is 28 grams.

    $150 / 28 = 5.3, thats $5.3 per gram. He only gave you 20 grams though, so he actually owes you about $43. 8 * 5.3 is $42.4, but we'll just even it out to 43.

    Lets think about this, and double check our work.. 150 - 43 = $107. You only got $107 worth of bud. 107 / 20 = 5.3, again, thats $5.3 per gram. He owes you either $43, or another 8 grams. $20 back? Fuck that guy, he owes you $43, you only got 20 grams. Either he gives you another 8 grams or $43 back.
  9. An ounce is 28 ounces, he skimped you out on 8 grams. $20 should not make up for it, sounds like its time to find a new dealer.
    But come on bro, if you're buying a lot of weed at 1 time ask your dealer to weigh it infront of you so this type of shit won't happen.
    Be safe, and try not to get ripped off again.
  10. I have a scale why do u think I know how much it weighs ?
    And thanks ^^^ that's exactly what I told him
  11. I love it when my dealer gets baby dro I have a special baby pipe for it.
  12. shank em and steal all his baby weed
  13. Im stilling thinking he's gonna be like yo dude i meant baby dro, so its baby weight...and you're going to feel dumb.

    Baby what the fuck really? I got that granny dro.
  14. Baby dro? What the fuck is baby dro? That doesn't even matter, because you paid a fixed amount of money, for a quantity of something. You paid $150 for an OUNCE, and he only gave you 20 grams, he needs to give you another 8, or $43 back.

    He admitted "thats all I have right now," dude, he already admitted he shorted you, and then he called "bullshit," what a piece of shit moron. Get your money back, or the bud, and find a new guy.
  15. Yeah I see what your saying I guess he didn't have one as soon i went back into my house u weighed it called him up and this was the first time tried him what a 1st impression I just bought cause I couldn't wait a week cause my friend get his
    Stuff for cheap from his cousins
    Getting an ounce of some dank of white widow for $250
  16. Leave it alone and find a new dealer. You did get skimped, and I dont know what baby dro is... but $150 is fine for 20g. This doesn't make what he did right, but if it is 15/g in your area, you still got it for $7.5/g. If you don't get your money or weed back, then just find a new dealer.
  17. [quote name='"burtontoker"']Baby dro? What the fuck is baby dro?

    Im wondering the same thing
  18. Dude, i live in Cali and the most I can get for 150 is a half. Id say get a new dealer and enjoy the shit you have. You can confront him, but chances are he will not pay you back.
  19. Yeah thanks
    Come live in Texas and u know what kind of shit we get ! That's why I want to move to Denver can't wait till I finish school
    Same as corn which is $10 a g which is Mexican brick weed dro is $15 a g (mids) and stuff like (afghan , kush , trainwreck , haze) dank is $20 a g that's just the way it is ! :/

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