Dealer Rant

Discussion in 'General' started by MrGers, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I'm getting really sick of having to rely on dealers of ganj. For the most part my deals have been rather solid, having when I need and such but lately its been such a chore. If you don't have any, fucking tell me so I can call my other sources. If you're busy and i've texted you twice, text me fucking back telling me when we can talk. I've been really chill with all my dealers but i'm currently up shits creek using my dick as a paddle because I thought one guy was gonna come through so I turned down two others. Just my luck, I think i'm gonna be dry for my camping trip this weekend. I'd grow but I have neither the space or the balls to do so. THIS is why weed should be legal; So I don't have to buy an eighth every time I get offered it just in case the town goes dry. And i'm sick of the lack of selection. It's great that all you have is headies but now I gotta throw down 70 bucks and I have no options? Fuck this shit, next time I get a chance I'm buying a fucking pound.
  2. Flip what...the one eighth for 70?! a) im really just pissed I have no weed and b) flipping anything less than a quarter is stupid, i can smoke an eighth in a week and am happy to do so, I don't buy weed just to sell/have it. I buy it to fucking smoke it. Way to respond fast btw.
  3. imo, all dealers are sketchy.. a pickup rarely goes 100% as planned.
  4. just give em the razors edge :hello:
  5. This is a huge benefit of living in Canada. You have guaranteed top quality, expertly grown, and cured bud of only the finest phenotypes of only only the finest genetics within five days anywhere in the country.

    Im sorry, but I just smoked some of it, and it is good! If you're ever up north in Canada or live in some where other than the US, you shoud really do some research and find a reliable mom.

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