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Dealer Put Weed In A Pill Bottle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JaysForDays, May 28, 2013.

  1. Long story short he put it in a pill bottle that had white dust from a prescription on the inside. He scratched off the cover so it doesn't say what it was. I can't see any shit on the actual bud, but it's all over in the pill bottle. Is my weed safe to smoke? I'm prob just paranoid, lol.

  2. pic? Id say you are safe, unless it looks like there was enough pill dust to make a few pills its alright. The active ingredients that cause the desired reactions in prescription drugs are often a small chunk of the actual pill itself
  3. I wouldnt smoke that man. You could really hurt yourself. Pills are to be popped not smoked.
  4. don't worry man you're fine 
  5. unless its over your actual bud - safe to say tokin will be sound :) 
  6. i wouldn't smoke dat shit
  7. Call him and ask him what was in it and explain your concern, thats his short comings, my D does that too but washes out the fucking bottle
  8. I wouldn't worry about it, he definitely didn't intentionally do it to you. Unless your weed is absolutely covered in pill dust, don't sweat.
  9. This. I would tell him you refuse to smoke something that could cause you harm. Doesn't matter what drug it is, stuff like tylenol shouldn't even be smoked.
  10. Dude I'd talk to my dealer about it, just explain why you are concerned but don't be too angry about it with him.
  11. You're fine...probs just some binders left.
  12. Do a quick water cure (run a search) on it and it should be OK! The dust should all wash off!
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    Jesus christ... smoke that shit, but take off your skirt first.
  14. man that's sketchy. whit powder on your bud from a pill bottle..
  15. I've been given weed in pill bottles for years. Never had any ill effects whatsoever.....

    You could always ask a friend to guinea pig it. I'm sure many of your friends would have no problem "testing your weed for you."

  16. honestly you should be fine, most of the time pills are cut with things such as caffeine, acetaminophen, etc etc. These cuts are all done by the Rx companies themselves. The point is that the powder left over, as long as it isn't much, shouldn't affect you negatively. However, to be safe, if I was in your situation I'd bring it up to your dealer next time and ask him if he wouldn't mind using an alternative method of packaging. 
  17. I would talk to him about it.  Until you do I wouldn't smoke the stuff.
  18. Smoke it bro I know people that smoke oxys all day and are still kicking lol. They are scumbags tho

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  19. Smoke it, just shake it off a bit before-hand.
    don't like it? bring your own container next time.
  20. *Uses Tommy Chong voice*  Yeah man i'd smoke that stuff up anyway. Probably enhance my buzz :p

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