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Dealer not responding?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by imaapricot, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I guess this is a typical thing for everyone who smokes.
    I get weed from this guy. Last time I bought from him,he was saying he will deliver "tonight",then he didn't come,he said he will come next day at noon,and then he said he will come next day at the evening.And then he came but it took long time and a lot of waiting.
    He was responding more often and keeping me updated if he can or cannot come/if he has time. He always brought the weed to me. But it took time.
    So after that buy I smoked eveeything and now I want to buy again of course. I texted the dealer,he said he will hook me up tonight,ofc afyer that he doesnt respond and he doesnt come. I text him next day 2 times "you good?" After that,he didnt respond for several hours. I feel kinda annoying but idk. It is just making me so frustrated that he cant just tell me if he is busy and he will type me when he has time.
    Question is,what do you guys do when your guy is not responding? I mean,do you bother to text him each time you feel like it is taking too much or you are just waiting for response no matter how much it takes and you don't type him and stay cool/wait for his answer?

  2. dealers also have a life,I have 5 different people I buy off if one isn't in I go to another lol

  3. And I also don't text them I ring you get a straight up answer that way
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    Dealing with dealers can be tricky. A dealer from da hood is gonna be a lil bit sketchy (and different for yet another dealer in a rich neighborhood with the police in his pocket) usually cause people knows what he does and if he does delivery to your butt...dealers get robbed and have to worry about police homie. Also if he moving sketchy with time like that you might be living in an unsafe area or he is not too sure about you and tries to throw you/people off by keeping them uncertain about where he is going to be and delivery drivers get robbed all the time in some rough cities...same can be be for weed I guess...People wanna get high...
    Don't be mad at him yet cause he might actually have a good read like I pointed out above. Give it time, show him you are a bit inconvenienced but you are cool and understanding and appreciate the risks he takes to you can toke. Eventually if he is cool and he sees you are he will show u respect. Remember dealers smoke and get paranoid before delivering...or psychic lol...he has a target on his back...he living on the edge smelling like weed, high, weed on the car, paranoid, people trying to kill or rob him so you can toke homie...customer might want to set him up because he is late too often...believe me it ain't easy on all of them. If he gets busted by cops he faces jail or worse...if he don't show up your butt might still be toking later that same night watching him get his ass beat on Facebook or social media from the po-po. I think that's what it sounds like to me from my experience. Could be wrong...
    It ain't ideal but say what. Try selling weed for a while and u might develop the same habits...
    What I can suggest is NEVER WAIT TILL YOU ARE ALL OUT. WHen you see a week or less in ganja...begin making calls. That y I always tell you little homies to always put something every week in the emergency stash jar. Toke up homie....toke up.

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  5. How much do you buy? If you nickel and dime then that's probably the reason why you aren't really his priority

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  6. I agree with this. For both his sanity and your sanity, up how much weight you buy. The more that you can buy at one time the less time you have to deal with the bullshit. Some other things you can do is reup before you get low and desperate. I tend to buy earlier in the week as opposed to waiting for the weekend where your dealer is probably making multiple runs and/or partying his ass off like a rockstar. Finally, always have a second and third option.
  7. I have So many dealers I finally found one guy who if he's late it's buy 2 or 3 minutes and his shits dank at a reasonable price you just gotta find the right guy man
  8. never text....and hope he dosent have your number stored in his ph...

    A guy i know got busted awhile ago, the cops used his ph to set up "deals" and establish a pattern. They then had lots of people , addresses and habits.
    The cops then arrested a heap of them...
  9. *Reads thread* :coffee:

    This is one reason why weed needs to be legalized. In a legal state, the budtender is an employee behind the counter with a tip jar.
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  10. You need a Sierra Mist.
  11. Thanks guys for ur opinions.
    Already got my green.
    I always buy 7g or so,and pay around 85$. I wanted to buy 14g,but then he said he has only 7g
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  12. Post a picture bruh:smoking:
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  14. I had this problem when I was young and stupid, and broke.

    I learned to have multiple dealers and buy in bulk. It's cheaper and you don't normally run out. But before you run out.

    Stop buying small amounts.
  15. Every dealer is different. Luckily, I've got a dealer now that is pretty cool, fast, and has always had what I wanted. But even sometimes, he acts a little weird and is slow at things. I usually just text him if he hasn't responded in an hour or two and depending on what he says, I might text back later. If your guy is reliable, then I would just wait for a text. But if he isn't, then I would text him sometimes when he is taking a long time

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  16. There ya go
    You are low on the list
    Next time pick up a z or 2
  17. If my neighbour doesn't write I'll go town. Like Roger from American dad said: to find stoners you need to get stoned yourself. Usually some people I know come by then
  18. Dealers are busy you'd be surprised how many customers they have. The wait is worth it, better than going out asking random strangers for weed

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