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Dealer never informs me when he re-ups, but tells clients I gave him? WTF, advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RangerSmith, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. I have been buying from the same dealer for 6 months now. I have had a great relationship with him, bought from him almost on a weekly basis, and introduced him to three new clients.

    The reason I am posting this is because lately, I feel like he doesn't value me as a customer of his, and I'm really confused as to why. He went completely dry last month, and I tried hitting him up, and he told me "I'm completely out and trying to find a new supplier. I'll let you know when I get more ASAP."

    A week later, he texts one of my friends who I introduced him to and told them that he got new shit in, and was asking if they wanted to come pick some up... but he didn't text me about it. The following week, he did the same thing, texted my friend asking if they wanted to come pick up some of his new shit, but didn't text me.

    Maybe I just get too emotional and take things personally, but I kind of feel like he doesn't value me as a customer at all. I haven't heard from him since I was trying to buy from him when he was dry.

    I think maybe I was way too nice to him, and was too forgiving of everything he did, and he just expects me to come to him, and that he doesn't have to work and go out of his way for me to be his client. I also thought that maybe since I didn't buy in huge amounts that he didn't value me as much as he valued my friend. But still, I've been buying from him for 6 months, and my friend only bought from him 3 times. I was the person who GAVE him that client.

    Idk, I just started buying from someone else who kept me updated on their stock, and I felt valued me as a customer. I didn't do anything annoying or fuck him over or anything, I felt I was always cool with him. But idk.

    Any advice? Anyone have a similar situation? Should I just drop this guy and keep buying from my new guy?
  2. If he really loves you he'll come back to you
  3. Personally I wouldn't get offended if he was just my dealer, but if he was a friend who happened to deal then I would be a little upset. If you like the stuff your getting from this new guy keep buying from him and if your old dealer wants to sell to you again he'll call you.

    If your friends are buying larger amounts he probably just hit them up first so he could sell his product fast and get cozier with his new supplier.
  4. Just text/call em and say u heard he picked up more weed, Then wen u pick urs up tell em to give u a call next time he re ups, then see wat happens.. If he still only calls ur friend, Ask em wtf is goin on and why he doesnt inform u of shit.
  5. Probably just likes your friends more than you lol
  6. Didn't you get banned?

  7. No, there was a dispute I believe when I was telling people about an old pal of mine who happens to be the lead singer of a successful NYC band. I won't give out his full name, but his last name is Banks.
  8. I would like everyone's money thesame! :eek:
  9. You partied with Paul Banks?
  10. fuck that, I'd just quit
  11. If it's a friend who deals, yea go ahead and be offended.

    If it's just a guy you buy from, why the hell would that offend you? He is providing a service to YOU, you pay him for those services, without him you would have no weed, so you should be valuing him not the other way around.

    He probably has plenty of other customers so he doesn't feel the need to text semi-regulars (you said you don't buy large amounts from him) cause he figures they'll text him when they need weed. My dealer only texts about 8-10 of his customers, myself included, who are good friends of his that buy significant amounts, when he re-ups, because he has so many clients that come through every couple days to buy a gram or two, knowing they'll come to him.

  12. That's probably it right there. How much do you usually buy and how much does your friend usually buy?

    You would think dealers would like selling small sacks more because that's where the profit is, but some of them are just too lazy to do the extra work. :p
  13. Hahaha "valued customer" tha fuck?? this ain't walmart nigguh just have your boy text you when the guy re-ups who cares if he don't text you? He's your dealer not your girlfriend, youre all trying to have an intimate relationship with him lmao.

    But if it bothers you so much why u talking to us about it? Go tell him.
  14. It's probably because you're not buying enough..
    I have a dealer who'll drive out to my house, but won't even consider it if I'm not buyin atleast 30.
    I don't see why it's that important anyways, whenever you need weed you call him and ask.
  15. One time a similar situation happened with me and my dealer who I had been getting very quality bud from for about a year. I texted him and he told me he was dry for a couple days, when I later found out my friend had gotten bud from him that same day. I saw the bud and realized it wasn't very good, then when I asked my dealer about it he said he didn't say anything about it because it was shitty and he didn't want to ruin our business. Fair enough I figured.

    Just ask him about it man if it really bothers you that much, I'm sure its nothing big
  16. [quote name='"t-fizz"']Just text/call em and say u heard he picked up more weed, Then wen u pick urs up tell em to give u a call next time he re ups, then see wat happens.. If he still only calls ur friend, Ask em wtf is goin on and why he doesnt inform u of shit.[/quote]

    Yea this ...... What's so hard to this instead of getting sad and making a thread
  17. bro, you obviously have a group of friends who go threw same connect

    so why would he text every single person and tell them he got more, when he could text one dude and then he tells everyone else in person that he finally got more
  18. I don't see what the big deal is. You know anyway that he reupped, so why don't you just go buy? And if he ever dries up again, then just ask your friends to let you know if he stocks up again. As long as you get your green, who cares?
  19. So hows partying with Paul banks? Lol you were one of my favorite memories of gc.

    I never thought you would return lol.
  20. you emotional dawg

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